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I have had a Macy's credit card for several years. I recently purchased a mattress during one of their sales. This purchase was considered a 6 months deferred payment although I continued to pay my Macy's bill well over the minimum due in order to pay the mattress off as soon as possible. In February, I received my first letter stating I was late on my account. I knew this was impossible because not only was I paying them over the required amount I was making more than 1 payment a month. I called customer service and was told I now have 2 accounts. I was upset because the sales guy never mentioned this and we never received anything in the mail stating as much. The Macy's representative said it wasn't a big deal because we could take care of it over the phone. He was going to apply the money I was making to my so called other account so that I was no longer considered late and he was dropping the late fees. I was then informed that my other account was the same number as the first followed by a dash and a number. A month went by and I received another letter stating I was now 3 months behind. I called and there was no record of my previous call. My late fee had not been dropped and none of the money from my first account was applied to the delayed payment account. I got everything straitened out yet again after wasting more time on the phone. A few months later I went to apply for a car and found out that Macy's reported me 3 months late to the credit bureaus! Not only did this screw me out of a decent interest rate, it required even more time on the phone. I called and told Macy's I wanted it taken off my report since I was never late. That was over a month ago. I called again today because it is still on my credit report. I had to explain my story all over again and yet again there was no information concerning my first call about the credit report. The Macy's representative told me it would take yet another month before my credit was clear. This is unacceptable. I have been with this company for years and I have not paid one bill late. It is ridiculous that this company can have the power to screw my credit the way it did and show absolutely no remorse.

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      7th of May, 2010

    What I hate more than anything now is we're all being held hostage by these damn Credit bureaus.

    We get stuck with higher interest rates because so damn many people aren't paying their the CC Companies have to pass that on to US...those who DO pay on time.

    But then crap like this...that Macys is pulling on you messes with your credit score and then the [censored] promptly continues to roll down hill.

    I think it's entirely wrong that any credit card company or anyone else you may owe money to has the ability to mess with you in sooooo many ways and even when they're wrong nothing changes

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  • Ro
      27th of May, 2010

    They lowered my credit limit with no notification which then put me over my credit limit...longtime customer being screwed over...told they have no control because its done with the computer. WHAT???? Seriously, told them that a HUMAN BEING had to program this and a HUMAN BEING could fix the problem. Was then told they were able to do this with NO notification. Feel like a hostage in a credit world gone crazy!

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