Macy'swrongful credit card late charges

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I signed up for a Macy’s card several months ago, after getting tired of the sales people kept suggesting it to me week after week. Yes, I shop at Macy’s almost every weekend and spend thousands of dollars there.

I get my first bill and there is some type of insurance fee on it. I called them promptly and cancel the “policy”. Then I get my regular bill, which I pay every month on time. Long story short, come to find out, they were sending me two separate bills – one for the Macy’s department store and one for the Visa card. Um, would anyone care to let me know about that when I received my card in the mail???

All along, I have been paying every month to my account. But it was posted to the department store portion and not the Visa portion. I kept wondering why am I getting another bill with late charges??? I called customer service and the rep said he would transfer the amount over from the department store account to the Visa account. I told him to close the card because I don’t need their credit card. I don’t live on credit. He then said, well then I need to pay the balance and that he won’t transfer the amount over anymore. I would need to wait weeks for them to cut me a check for the department store account and in the meantime pay them on the Visa account or I get more late fee charges. What the heck???? That’s customer service for you. What an asinine way of pleasing their most loyal customer!

I love shopping at Macy’s but because of their nickel and diming the consumer policy; I’d hate to but resolve to shop at their competitors, JC Penny, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, and the like. But I will boycott Macy’s just for principle!

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  • La
      Dec 12, 2008

    Its it Macy's or GE Money Bank?

    GEMB handles most of the retail store credit accounts and they have some major processing problems. They deliberately post payments late, change your address so you stop receiving statements etc.

    they never respond to customer complaints - they just lie and claim you are wrong.

    you MUST file complaints with the Federal Trade Commisssion and Office of Thrift Supervision. You have to file with BOTH AGENCIES.

    Otherwise it will never be fixed

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  • Ru
      Feb 27, 2009

    Our CU sent an electronic payment on the 13th of February for a bill due by the 15th (Sunday) which was posted to my account on Monday the 16th. A charge of $25 was added to our fifty dollar bill for it was late.

    1 Macys states payments received by 5pm are posted that day.
    2 The CU sends electronic payments in the early am.

    I called the "customer service" and was told they would reverse the charge as soon as s/he talkked with their supervisor. The answer came back that they could only remove $10. I lost it, stating forget it I will pay the whole amount BUT close this account.

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