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My brother Jeff Tavares bought a new refrigerator from Lowes Waipahu, and also purchased Extended warranty for our Mother Sylvia Dennison in her 80's. My mother's refrigerator broke down with refrigerator and freezer is working on April 17th 2017. My brother Jeff called Lowes Waipahu April 17th to get a refrigerator technician to fix it. 1st they told Jeff tech will come Thursday April 2oth from 1pm-3pm. Then they cancelled and told Jeff tech will come the following day on Friday April 21st and it will be all day wait for tech to come to fix it. I waited all day at my mother's house that friday with no show, not even a call to say they were not coming. We have to use a big cooler to keep our food from not spoiling. I got a phone number from my brother Jeff that Lowes gave him for a tech to find out status on tech that I found out was a contractor for Lowes but not refrigeration. I then resolved to indication that Lowes is giving us the run around. I called Lowes Waipahu talked to the Manager named Kam and explained my situation. He understood, and informed his employees in that section of interest to get back to him about getting me a confirmation date and time tech will be on my case, and Kam will get back to me with confirmation. I waited and never got a call back. We are a Lowes customer that feel we did not get what we paid for a new dependable refrigerator and paid for extended warranty. The hardship my 80 year old diabetic mother went through due to bad Lowes customer service it's like being homeless living in a house using a cooler for her food. Buying ice every morning and draining cooler daily. My mother has insilent bottles that have to be refrigerated or it could jeopardize the medication that could be tainted. If we cant get our refrigerator fix a.s.a.p. I will expose your Company Lowes Hawaii on our News Station here KHON Consumer Report about your bad customer Service you have, and all what happened to me. I found out through my nephew a carpenter that some of friends that were contracted by Lowes pay too low for them to ever work for Lowes. That Lowes don't have a permanent refrigerator tech staff they have to look and find contractors to fix products from Lowes. Lowes hires the lowest bidders contractors. If things don't look up toward my bad situation my brothers and I will take further legal matters. Also Lowes will be known for all these unfortunate bad customer service throughout the State of Hawaii. and nationally if this isn't taken care of a.s.a.p..
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Apr 25, 2017
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      Apr 25, 2017

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