Lowe’s / stopped va veterans discount at lowe's

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I was recently told that you stopped the va discount except for active or retired. Active is away serving as I did for several years, retired is spent 20 years and collecting pension from government and probably went on to put another 20 years with another company and collecting yet another pension and possibly collecting social security as well. Thats 3 incomes against my one small income. So in my opinion you are penalizing those of us who fought for your freedon and some of us lost limbs and some of us spend a lot of time in VA hospitals for injurys received protecting people like you.

WE are the ones who need the discounts, not the active or retired. Once again Corporate Amarica rears its ugly head and takes it out on The little guy. Last year I spent several thousand dollars in your store because of the discount you gave The American Fighting Man. I also purchase a lot of material for my job. NO MORE LOWES FOR US I will also recruit my fellow veterans at the VA hospital to start a revolt against Lowes and anyone else who forgets or doesn’t care about what we fought for.

I will tell everyone I know and meet to take their business back to the LITTLE GUYS that you tried to run out of business Unless by chance you have a change of heart and reinstate the needed discount to those of us who need it. If you would like to reply to me…

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      19th of Apr, 2012

    Yea I dont get it, I thought you are either active or retired.

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