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Carlsbad, New Mexico, NM, United States Review updated:

This is about the location in carlsbad nm. I don't ever complain but this was so ride and crazy u need to know. I went thru drive thru and when I drove off I noticed I was missing a meal so I pulled in and went inside. This happened on 6-29-18 at 740pm mt time. So i'm inside and the guy on cook line told me oh yea we forgot ur fries I said yes also my chicken strips he said no I said yes he said no. I said of u want me to bring in all the food and show ui will. I don't have it. He was like ok i'll make it I said thanks. I stood and waited.. When the register person handed me the food I said thank u. The cook or mgr I think I don't know forsure. Said have a good night I said utoo then he followed with or not whatever I don't care [censored] off.. I'm a gm at a fellow restaurant here in town and this is insane who talks like this to customers. The guy is a heavy set white male. Do something about his mouth.

Jun 29, 2018
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  •   Jun 29, 2018

    "was so ride and crazy u need to kn". General managers generally can spell and don't use Internet speak, as in "u" for "you". You need an education to rise to that level. "A fellow restaurant" is another fast-food place, another restaurant or under the same corporate umbrella?

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