Long John Silver'shorrible customer service!

I absolutely love Long John Silvers! I wish there was another location close to me. But unfortunately the only one is the following:
5636 Sunset Boulevard, Lexington, SC 29072Phone [protected]
Store Number H665011

My husband and I frequently went to this store in the past, at least once a week, sometimes more. I will not ever go back.

We went there today around 6:45 pm. The store was not overly busy. I went in and walked to the counter where the employee "Alexus" was standing behind the register. No greeting, no nothing but a glare from her. I waked up and stated that I had 2 orders. She said, "what DO YOU WANT".
I began to give her my order when she stopped me and told me I have to speak louder she can't hear me. So I spoke loudly and ordered the 8 piece family meal and specified that I wanted the Long John Silvers with all fish and macaroni and cheese and French fries as the sides. I also ordered the 2 pc chicken plank meal, in not sure of the number it was on the menu. She told me the total of $28.23. I gave her 2 twenty dollar bills. She became upset when she had to give me change back because there were no $1 bills in the drawer, nor were there enough quarters. She began cursing under her breath but managed to come up with enough change.

Then she started to walk away and I said "excuse me, I have 2 orders ". She turned around and said "that was 2 orders, you ordered the 8 piece fill up and the L5"

I then said that I did not order the KFC fill up, I ordered the 8 piece long John silvers family meal. She then told me that I did not order that. Then she left to go get the manager.
When the manager came up, she asked what the problem was. I then told her that I ordered the ljs meal not the kfc meal that was rang up. She attempted to correct the order in the register and then said "nevermind ill just give you what you ordered and not change the price".

Alexus came back to the counter and with an extremely nasty attitude said, "you got what you wanted you can move over and wait for it now".

I was kind of stunned with her and her attitude. I then said that I still had a second order. She rolled her eyes and once again said"you got what you wanted, the manager is giving you what you wanted ". This girl was so nasty to me that I then told her nevermind the order, cancel it and just give my money back. After being treated that way there was no way I was going to stick around.

Alexus then walked away and went to the other side of where they were preparing the food and said " now she wants her money back". I heard her tell another employee "I had enough of her attitude and I'm not going to wait on that ###".
The store manager didn't even come back up, this time the assistant manager came up and did not say a word, just picked up my receipt from the counter and the change I was given and voided the sale and gave my original $40 back.
No more words were exchanged.

This was unacceptable. I have worked as a District Manager for 17 years and never have I received such horrible customer service.
What upsets me is as I stated at the beginning, I love Long John Silvers and this is the only one near where I live.

I will not ever go back there. I do not deserve to be treated that way. I only went there to get take out dinner for my family. She kept stressing that I got what I wanted...isn't that the whole point of ordering your food and paying for it??? It should not be considered a privilege to get what you order!

I just wanted to tell her that if you hate your job so bad, you should find another one and not take it out on your customer. Your customers are the only reason you have a job here in the first place.

I apologize for the lengthy complaint. I just wanted to paint the picture for you of what I went through and how terribly I was treated by your employee in your restaurant.

I wish I would have thought to ask for the district manager's phone number before I left. I was just so upset I wanted to get out of there.

Deborah Crumbley
3034 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC. 29210

May 19, 2017

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