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Long John Silvers / poor service!

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I stopped by Long John Silver in Valparaiso In. , store #7685, ticket number 41, cashier Shadman A., 6:15 pm. Four occupants in the car, all adults, after going to a doctor visit stopped by Long John Silver for a variety dinner. I spent $66.47 and was asked not to order this amount again without calling first.
We waited for our order and when delivered to the car, the man was rude and asked a total of 4 times not to come back and order this amount again without calling and ordering first. I asked for tarter sauce and it made him angry, no napkins, and one variety sampler missing. When I went back to the window, he said "just as a reminder, don't order again without calling first.

The place was not busy and we did not put the rush on anyone. I would think they would want an order of 66.47 more often instead of running people off. I would also think, they would want a customer to order a variety of things in order to be able to try a little of everything... We had flounder, crab cakes, broccoli bites, corn, shrimp and the super samplers.

One of the occupants in the car was my altheimers mother and she didn't understand why they were so mad at us. I don't have altheimer's and I didn't understand either.

Thank you for your concern. We have stopped by Long John Silver a lot and this was a rude awakening for us. This happened on Aug, 6, 2007, Valparaiso, In.

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  • La
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    On October 22, 2007, my two daughters and I stopped to have an early dinner at the Long John Silver's located on Westwind and Milan in Norwalk, Ohio. Our dining experience was completely unsatisfactory from beginning to end.

    I ordered an L2 and L5 with an add a chicken and an additional drink. The initial serve included a complete L2 with cold fries and the L5 had a tiny piece of cold chicken with cold double fries and one piece of fish that had black burnt stuff all over it. They advised me that I would have to wait for the additional fish because they didn't have enough and that they would bring it out to me. I immediately told them that the fish they had served was unacceptable and so they once again stated they would now bring two pieces of fish out to me.

    My two daughters started eating what was served and after a short while I picked at the fries and it was then that I realized the fries were cold. Well because my daughters had already eaten some of the fries, I could no longer return it. I waited and waited and finally decided to find out what was the hold up with my two fish, so I approached the counter and had to wait, I finally decided to speak up and voice my concern.

    A second time I was served with now two pieces of fish in the exact state as before, with burnt black shavings on it, looked as if the oil the fish was cooked in needed to be changed. I spoke to the manager about my concern and she offered an additional wait or my money back. Now remember I had already waited at least 15 minutes and they wanted me to wait more, so I asked for my money back. So she proceeds to give me back $2.30 for the two fish. I stated that the amount of money she was refunding me along with the wait and poor quality of food was unacceptable. The manager states, "I'm sorry but that's all I can do". I was so irritated at this point after being served with charred fish twice, cold fries, and a long wait and then a ridiculous response from the manager. The manager states, I don't know what you want me to do?" I responded aggravated, "Here's what I want you to do", "I want more of my money back and quality fish." The manager responds, "I can't do that, here's our 1-800#". I asked her if she would eat the fish she was trying to serve me, and she didn't even respond. I gave her the money back and waited for my fish and stated "I can't believe you are actually a manager because you have no idea how to handle this whole situation.

    Many many years ago as a teenager I worked at a Long John Silver's and I know I never served anything to my customers as they tried to serve me. I cannot believe they had the nerve to serve the food in the shape it was in and I am very upset and dissatisfied as a customer. I urge anyone that is faced with a situation similar to mine or just plain poor service, to speak up and make sure you get your moneys worth. I am definitely voicing my concern via their 1-800 complaint number.

  • Pa
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I blame KFC/Taco Bell/LJS problems on one source.. YUM inc. They own these three abominations and little has been done to improve their cleanliness or attitudes.Remember the rats running around inside a NY Taco Bell? Bunches of KFCs and TBs have been shut down secretly by health agencies only to be reopened with little change. Fish and chicken are two of the most dangerous foods to put in the hands of people who dont know how to cook or maintain cleanliness.Bacteria is running wild on these foods, and unless the upmost care is given,outbreaks of health problems will result.For me,you cant beat Burger King. Flame Broiling sure kills off the nasties. Now if only BK's owners would buy YUM off and things might improve.

  • Bo
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    I'm not a huge fan of those restaurants either, but people are still eating there (including yourselves) so they must be doing something right. As far as the idiot lady that ordered $66 worth of food at the drive through (yes you did because you mention the words "Four occupants in the car" and those words would have remote relevance only if you ordered in drive through), your stupidity speaks for itself. I'm sure you asking for tar tar sauce wouldn't have made the employee any angrier than the fact that you were ordering an entire buffet that the drive through window. Show some common courtesy because hourly employees could care less how much food you order. This is the 21st century, not the 17th. As far as people complaining about cleanliness, if you're that picky don't eat there. Stop being lazy and make your own food. Until Health Agencies step in, the places are considered clean.

  • Bu
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    I went to Long John Silver's drive thru on Friday Sept. 25th 2009.I ordered a super family meal and the service was very poor and the drive thru attendant was quite rude.As it turned out the fries were cold and the cole slaw was dry, along with soggy fish. Ronnie Burgin Gary, Indiana

  • Ly
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    Long John Silver's - Poor Service
    Long John Silver's
    7436 Rhea County Hwy
    United States
    Phone: 423-775-4723

    October 19th, 2009

    My Husband and his worker went into Long John Silver's today, located in Dayton, Tennessee at 7436 Rhea County Hwy. He ordered a 2-piece fish dinner. A piece of chicken and a piece of fish was brought to him. He told Brittney the employee who brought the food that he ordered a 2-piece fish. He was then told no, this is what you ordered and if you want a fish instead of a chicken you will have to pay for one. An employee by the name of Amanda took the order and it’s evident that she punched the wrong order number in. It is not his fault nor should it be his problem if the order was not taken right. All these employees we now have had to deal with were way out of line as far as treating the customer right. There was more difficult attitude and other things said by these two to make a customer not want to ever go there again. They had an awful attitude towards my husband and were by NO means equipped with what it takes to be in the public serving business. I called the Manager after hearing the horrible way he was treated and she had the same difficult attitude defending the two girls as if they had done no wrong. The Manager, Heather, was extremely defensive as if she expected this and was used to this kind of behavior from her employees. It seemed as if the three were in this together sticking up for one another as if they had concord a war of some sort. I called and spoke very briefly to this Heather explaining the situation only to be very rudely interrupted and told she knew all about the situation. She was dead-set on convincing me that he had ordered the item with a piece of chicken on it when I disagreed with her I was hung up on. He did not order any dinner with chicken, he was not treated with any decency when asking that he get what he ordered and paid for, along with being treated like he was completely out of line requesting that this be corrected. He came to your establishment only for a decent lunch, (which I might add he/we as well as many family and friends will not continue to ever do so if there is nothing done about people you employ who treat customers as such)! If I get no results from this contact I will take this further. I hope this email is enough to resolve your problem with employees taking their position with your establishment too far. If your employees cannot treat people decent at the very least then I have no sympathy for your business going down the tubes because you allow such incompetence. Look forward to hearing from you.

    One more bit of information you might find interesting. After getting hung up on I tried calling Long John’s back a few times, either with my number showing or blocked, using different lines going out and co-workers phones. Your Long John Silver’s establishment phones was never answered that afternoon; wonder how many To-Go Call-In orders were lost due to these incompetent, self-centered, disrespectful, unreliable employees of Long John Silver’s. It truly is a shame….

  • Lo
      7th of Jan, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Thrusday, My girlfriend& I, stop at Long John's Silver to get lunch. We sat by the window's at the front of the building, that's where I guess they had a fake Christmas one time, Because the green stuff on the branches were all over the ledge, by the window's, it was real dirty, & so was the bathroom& some of the floor's. Don't anyone know how to clean there, glad I did not check out the kitchen.Sent someone in there, but don't tell them you are coming there.When people know you are coming there, they clean up.If they don't clean up some poor person will come in there, & get real sick, or even die.This happen Jan 5, 2012 Thrusday.It is so bad, we don't want to eat at this place again, we will go to Wilkes-Barre, Penna. when we are in that area again.We live near Hazleton, Penna.18201.Long John Silver is on Route 93, West Hazleton, Penna.18202, I think That's the Zip Code.

  • Ha
      11th of May, 2014
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    Really Bob? In the first place it is not your right or responsibility to tell others how much food they can order at a drive through. Secondly if any business wishes to limit the amount of an order for a drive through they need to post it for the customers. As for telling others that they are stupid or implying they have acted stupidly you should most definitely look in the mirror. How dare you attack a person for being unhappy with poor service, just because you have this safe venue to do so. To also imply that all restaurants are clean at all times unless a health agency steps in as you so stupidly put it. Well I have news for you pal. The health agency's normally come in because of complaints of the public. So why not take your self serving attitude elsewhere? I'm sure there are more like you around so perhaps you can all get together and talk badly about others with no basis in fact to back up your thoughts, just your own unearned superior attitude. Have a Nice Day

  • Ha
      11th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Another thought for those posting complaints. Try contacting the corporate offices. They are easy to find on the net and you can calmly sit and tell them your concerns. I have in the past found this to be productive towards solving the issues I have faced . Truthfully in most cases I just let it go and choose another place to frequent but there have been a couple of occasions where I felt it necessary to follow through with a complaint and those times I found the corporate offices more than willing to make things right. I always refuse any complimentary gifts from them telling them that all I want is to have the situation corrected, Not free stuff. I don't want them to believe for even a second that they can buy off my dissatisfaction . Anyway just saying, It does work at least most of the time. If not then there are lots of others businesses out there that need my money. Have a great year

  • Lo
      11th of Jul, 2014
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    Our family was in your store (Lon g John Silver/Taco Bell) store on 7/10/2014 at 11:00am . We were over charged, ad the ladies woking
    did not know what they were doing. We ordered your dinner that had, or was suppose to have shrimp, chicken, and fish. Well when they
    called us to come and get the orders they did not put the chicken on the orders. When we asked about the chicken they told us that the
    chicken did not come with the order. When we wanted to get chic ken she said that 4 pieces would cost us $4.00 for the 4 pieces of
    c hicken. On the picture and advertisement it told and showed that you got the chic ken with the order. IS THAT THE WAY YOU DO
    EVERYONE? Then the lady charged us $2.00 for one small picece of c hicken. IS THAT OUTRAGOUS OR WHAT?The cashier
    had a name of Maria T This is the first time we have ever b een treated like this.

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