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The company has charged our credit cards on delivery of the items and then billed the insurance company a lesser amount. They also charge our credit card again later when the bill is being paid for by medicare. This has happened with both myself and my mother. I purchased a nebulizer from them and paid $120 on delivery since I was told I had to meet my insurance deductible. I was OK with this until I received a bill later showing the amount was $117.32. Then I found out they billed my insurance $482.23 (yes that is four hundred) for a nebulizer I could have bought on Amazon for $39.99. I am still waiting for the explanation of benefits to find out if the insurance had paid them as well.
As for my mother, we rented an oxygen concentrator and we had to pay as they said she did not qualify for medicare to pay for it. They charged us $170 on delivery. They later bill was for $167.94. My mom was retested and they said she qualified for medicare to pay. Then they kept billing us for the amount. I have called to have them fix the billing to charge medicare and they said they have fixed it. Now I found they have charged our credit card without authorization. I will be filing a dispute with Lincare and the credit card company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LINCARE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT.

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  • Cr
      17th of Jun, 2013

    I, too, have had a problem with Lincare. I received my CPAP machine in November, I was told I had to make 10 monthly payments, however I declined and paid all the "payments " in full during the time of delivery of the machine. I think all is well until April rolls around and they tell me I owe them 85 dollars a month since January because it is billed to the insurance companies monthly and my deductible started over and insurance was not paying. I called the billing office many times with my concern. I was told it is "the policy holders responsibility" to know their insurance coverage. I called my insurance company in November to make sure my machine was covered and it was. My problem is not with the lack of coverage, my problem is with the way it was billed to the insurance companies and I was never informed of the way it was billed, how is that my responsibility? Now I am getting phone calls telling me my balance is getting bigger and I need to pay. I paid 50 dollars last month and 20 dollars this month, that is all I can afford. I paid my portion in full when I actually had the money which is why I did it the way I did. I know this can not be the first time this has happened to someone and I got no compassion what so ever from the billing rep. I can't be the first person and I know I won't be the last so why is it not explained better on how it is billed (not the coverage itself) at the time when they can clearly see I paid my portion up front and it was nearing the end of the year. It is easy " your insurance covers 80% and it is billed monthly until paid in full" That simple sentence would have at least alerted me to ask questions. I know there is nothing I can do about it now, but I want to make people aware how this works.

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  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2015

    Lincare has fasely accused me over and over and their problem is their record filing and keeping is incorrect so the threat of suing me with a Collection Agency is false and unfounded. Furthermore, the Fraud Division of Medicare has been notified. First off, they kept sending me C-pap supplies thinking that Medicare would continue to pay; so those shipments were illegal. I asked to return because they were not needed and I did not sign up to Auto-Ship. They never answered of course. I figured they would send them back so they are still in the original package.
    Oxygen was sent out and they hooked it to my C-pap and it was drying my sinuses out and I was staying sick. I had them pick it up but evidently they have lost that paper work. Bottom line, you can not charge for something you did not order or charge for something that you picked up. Collections? I am not doing nothing but defend myself against illegal accusations. You need to get your facts straight before you slam someone's character and threaten them with a Collection's Agency. There is nothing to collect on.

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