LG Wholesalecracked head on gt150 scooter

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When I initially received my GT150 Sport scooter from lg wholesale, within a week I noticed small drops of oil on the garage floor, I continued to ride in hopes that maybe a seal had not yet set, but the leak became worse and worse. I began attempting to contact LG wholesale in June only to be referred to an automated message to use the chat board. I continued to try to contact an actual person to no avail. Finally at the last of July, I knew something was definitely wrong when I had to add oil to the scooter after riding less than 10 miles. I recmoved the outside panels and it revealed that the motor had a hairline crack whre the bolts had been tightened from the factory. I continued to try to get a person on the phone until I accepted the fact that the opnly way to communicate was through their on-lin chat service, which also proved to be a joke. I had purchased an extended warranty for $79.00 upon my initial payment of the scooter.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ontario, CA When I did get someonbe on "chat" their first question was did I havce the extended warranty, which I confirmed, I was constantly delayed for numerous reassons, but I reamained persistent. i was instruicted to take pics and email them, I heard nothing, I got back on chat and questioned the status to be told I had sent them to the wrong address, I resent them to thier "requested" address the second time, then heard nothing, approximately a week later, I got back on "chat" again asking the status, this time which was mid-October I was emailed a parts warranty form. I completed the form immediately and inclosed a $10..oo M.O for shipping cost. It was placed in the mail on October 16, 2017.
Todays date is 12-02-08 and still no response. I thing they are intentionally delaying for my extended warrnaty to lapse or either they have no intentions of helping me repair my scooter, so therefore I spend $1385.00 for a piece of junk with no service support. The only reason I chose this company was because of the extended warranty. I had known they were not going to honor it, I never would have bought the scooter.

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      Mar 18, 2009
    LG Wholesale - won't reimburse for parts
    LG Wholesale
    21765 S. Center Ave
    New Lenox
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I purchased a moped from them for my employee, George Bowerman. Along with the moped I bought 1 year of parts warranty for $79. I ordered a speedometer from them and waited over three months. When they could not find the part, I did a live chat over their web site and asked them if I could buy that part and a piston and rings from the wholesaler that they bought the moped from. They said I could and all I had to do was fax them the receipt and they would reimburse me. I faxed them the receipt over a month a go and I have done a live chat at least three times. and they will not send me a refund of $113.31. My moped sales receipt is #12463 for a 50 cc Italia Touring Moped the total sale was $1, 128.90

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