LG Refrigerator / installation service

MtOlive, United States

I have always thought Lowe's was a good company to deal with until recently. We bought a four piece kitchen set. The fridge and stove was to be delivered on 6/2. At 8:30pm after I had called and asked where my appliances where they informed me that It would not be there till 6/3 No problem. The fridge has a water line and I forgot to turn the water off. The turn off for the water in in the house in a cupboard. This is where the situation turned ugly. The delivery person informed us that turning a hand down(which would shut the water off) was not his job. He the proceeded to argue with my 70yr old mother about what is not his job and he wouldn't leave the house. Before all of this I decided to install the fridge myself as I looked at the how to video, so we had no problem with this, but he wanted us to sign that he had installed the fridge and he didn't. He proceeded to tell us that police had been called before for him so he didn't care if we called the police he wouldn't leave. The only good thing with this is that his partner realized that this was wrong and he quickly called his manager to help us have another person come in and finish the install. The whole issue is the arrogance that was displayed and the inconvenience of this whole situation. My husband had bought the set for me as a gift and I was extremely happy, now I am left with anxiety and disgust of having to deal with this company. You think I would have learned from my first large purchase and delivery of a riding lawnmower when they delivered the wrong on and I walked into the store only to find my information on the one I purchased and registered still on the floor for sale. Silly me for believing the customers satisfaction comes first.

Jun 3, 2015

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