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Huntsville, AL, United States
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Television repair request for internet password save issue but (LG) service rep damaged where the television now has no power. Called (LG) on 8/16/2017!due to TV will not save password. (LG) service repair replaced parts on 8/19 and 9/02/2017, on 9/15/2017 (LG) service repair replaced parts again, when powered my TV. No power. (LG) then requested to have more parts replaced. I demanded a replacement due to Tech caused a the power damage. I am visually impaired in which I require a larger screen to watch television. I requested a replacement but (LG) prefer to give a refund due to the television was purchased online. I also requested reimbursement for inconvenience due to my disability and was denied. I also purchased a (LG) voice remote due to impairment and a (LG) sound system. But (LG) has no compassion for the disable and no concern for all the expenses I incurred. Yet today I am being told I will be sent a box for me to pack the television and when received I will then mail a refund. So I now have to wait until someone can assist me to box a 60" tv and again wait until (LG) feels they want to mail my refund. How is that fair as a customer who tried to be loyal to company that doesn't feel the same about their customers. Furthermore I am a disabled customer. I have to sit in my home for months without a television. Then have to find someone to assist me in making another television purchase. All I requested was a replacement

Sep 26, 2017

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