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I bought lg vacuum cleaner in Dec. 2015. Despite very light use, it started showing sudden automatic switching off and then automatic switching off during casual use without moving the on/off button at all. I requested the LG technical support, which arrived to my place on Wed.; the 20th of Sept. 2017. The technician was very unprofessional about checking the vacuum cleaner; as he only checked the on/off button parts to come up with the result that the hose should be replaced for more than 700 EGP, which is half the original price of the vacuum cleaner, and which is outside the warranty coverage. I refused the technical opinion of the technician and also refused the idea that it's outside the warranty coverage. I see it's an original error in the vacuum cleaner that's not because of the use; as the use is very light, the cleaner looks as new, and the flexible hose itself is manufactured to be flexible. So, why do I have to pay for its replacement?!
I submitted a complaint on LG Egypt Hotline, and I received a phone call from the company representative on Sat. 2017, who was also unprofessional at all. I wasn't sure if he was from the technical support or the complaints team; because he wasn't clear and was always trying to escape the questions; as if he was also checking that he contacted me!!
He offered me two options that I again refused; either they send me another technician or I accept to pay for the hose replacement. I asked him if I can contact some other authority because I'm not satisfied about his options, his reply was that it was the maximum authority I can seek.
I'm totally frustrated about the whole issue, and hope to receive a solution from your side.

Lg Electronics Egypt

Sep 23, 2017

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