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LensCrafters / sales pressure

1 FL, United States

Let's say you need basic transportation. A small (comparatively) inexpensive car will do the job of getting you from point A to point B, and you tell the salesperson you can't afford anything more than that. Should the salesperson relentlessly insist that you buy their most expensive luxury model, or give you what you need? LensCrafters is like that: they will push THE MOST COSTLY products they have (both frames & lenses, especially lenses), telling you this is what you MUST have. I wear "progressive no-line" eyeglass lenses. They came up with a price for these lenses (with glare coating, scratch-resistant coating, etc.) costing $650.00 PER PAIR!!! I told them I COULD NOT AFFORD such lenses, especially since, like many middle aged people, my prescription will change again in a year anyway! Please also note: a pair of regular frames can EASILY cost $150.00 or more: now, a complete pair of glasses can cost me $800.00!!! I have no vision insurance, and I'm not on Medicare or Medicaid, you know, "screw me and the rest of the uninsured". Can't Lenscrafters understand that eyeglasses are not "Beverly Hills or Palm Beach" luxury fashion items for the wealthy, and provide reasonable prices on lenses? Here's the last (the beauty) part: no "one hour service"...10 TO 12 FREAKING DAYS to order the lenses. Bend over and get kicked folks!

May 11, 2013

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