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disorganized customer service

I went in to get my glasses adjusted on Friday before the 4th of July holiday week-end. after 10 minutes, Kyle told me to sign in before i can get help. so, i signed in. then he got to my name and told me that he cant help me, that i would have to wait for bob or maria and for me to sit down. i guess he marked my name off and didnt tell the other 2 that i was next. so, several other people went ahead of me, then melissa came over to see if i need help, here again, same story, she couldn help me. why???? then i finally approached bob and told him i needed an adjustment. while he was adjusting my glasses, he had to answer the phone 3 times and get up to help another associate, while useless kyle was standing in the back not doing a thing. if every assocaite cant help me then why are they there wasting the company time and my time? bob was cordial with me. but i still wont be back to lenscrafters. too many people not knowing how to do simple things like put a screw in. 35 minutes later i was fixed. the actual repair took less than 3 minutes. i asked bob why he had to help me and he said the "new people" cant do repairs. so how are they going to learn, he wasnt even observing? it was a very frustrating expereice !!! why have a sign in sheet and not use it. Dont ask for kyle or Melissa (hint)

  • Ki
    KixStar Jul 05, 2010

    "too many people not knowing how to do simple things like put a screw in."

    If it's that simple, do it yourself next time.

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[Resolved] exam cost

I went to the Fox Valley Lenscrafters on 6/16/10 for my 5:30 appt. I got there on time and was told to sit in a waiting area. A lady got me and took me back to the initial exam room. She was kind of pushy. I said that I wanted a contact lens exam and she said "So you want the Comprehensive Exam" and then proceeded to do the initial testing. I saw the eye doctor, who was great, and was fitted with my new contact lens Rx. Great. All is good so far.

Then the same lady started getting really pushy with my frames choice. I've had glasses since I was 8. I can handle picking frames. I am the type who likes to not have salespeople bother me when I'm looking. LOL she MUST have been commission based because she scowled every time I said I wouldn't pay more than $150 for frames. Anyway, I finally picked frames she liked and we went to do the paperwork. She kept adding things to the order to my lenses, like coating etc without asking me! The initial total for the glasses was about $800! OMG. I finally got her down to what she said was my "final total" of $388. I was expecting about $350-$400 for my bill since it is convienient to get the glasses in an hour and be done with it. I also wanted to give my eyes a break from contacts. That is also about what I paid the last time I got new glasses.

Anyway, she then says my total is $536! Apparently, my "final total" didn't include my "comprehensive exam" which totalled $148! I was expecting the exam to be $75 for a contact lens exam. Apparently, she added extra exams without telling me. Ok, it can be argued that I should have been paying attention but how am I supposed to know what a comprehensive exam is? I said I wanted a CONTACT LENS exam. By now, it's 7:30 and I'm tired of arguing so I just pay the bill. Then she says that I have to wait two weeks for my glasses! Getting the glasses that day was my whole reason for going there and I invested 2 hrs of my life there. If they are not there in exactly two weeks, I will return my order.

And I was supposed to get 30% off my exam because of my motor club but she didn't enter it. I also was not given my contact lens prescription. I think she was mad because I said I'd order my contacts on my own after I got the $536 "final total"!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • LensCrafters's response · Jul 01, 2010

    My name is Jennifer, I am a representative for LensCrafters Corporate Customer Care. I would very much like the opportunity to assist you with your complaints. I invite you to please contact me at [email protected] or by calling (877) 753-6727, option 5.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  • An
    anonymousoptician Jun 28, 2010

    $148 is low-end for a contact lens exam. The only places that charge a whole lot less are the discounters who rush you in and rush you out to the tune of 5-10 minutes and inferior service.

    A comprehensive exam is the only kind of eye exam you want -- it's the only kind that checks for all eye health problems and issues.

    My eye doctor (who is unaffiliated with ANY corporate entity, BTW) charges $200 for my contact lens exam without insurance, etc -- but the exam takes nearly an hour, I spend little, if any, time waiting around for doctors or technicians, and he writes the best prescriptions I've ever had.

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  • Ni
    Nikolas T Jan 28, 2011

    Sorry bud but you bit yourself in the butt. I've had glasses since I was 7 and I knew that you have to get a comprehensive exam before getting a contact exam. I now work for an eye doctor and we only charge 134 for a comprehensive and contact exam. He's a great eye doctor and does not push you around. It's a private practice and has been here for 6 years now. Private practices are the best place to go for exams, glasses and contacts. You'll find their prices are as good or better and their service and courtesy is at least 10 times better because it's a much more personal atmosphere.

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twice lied to me, never again

Lens Crafters at a Des Monies location twice has promised me glasses upon accepting payment and has twice failed to deliver. Sales persons at this store have either been poorly trained, or have blatantly lied about delivery dates. Twice fooled but never again. I have had good experiences with the Valley West Location. I've not purchased from the Jordan Creek location. Do the math and figure it out. Attention Lens Crafters, read the book "Over Promise and Over Deliver"...pay particular attention to the "over deliver". I'm in a service delivery business and I find this experience totally disappointing. Close this store or get it right!!

  • Jo
    John Cahill Feb 15, 2011

    Attention CUSTOMER, read THIS book..."you are not a patient.
    You are a means to profit for that Italian corporation."
    Nothing more.
    Your complaint & a dollar will buy us a cheap cup of coffee.
    Stop asking for due date promises & wait in line & be quiet.
    You wanted a national optical, now deal with it.

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poor customer relations & deceptive advertising

I went to Lens Crafters originally for an eye appointment, and then to purchase a pair of glasses with one of there promotional offers. I purchased a pair of Versage frames for the new lenses. The lenses were coated with an anti glare coating, on what I come to find out was cheap plastic lenses. Lens Crafters sure has a con job way of padding the price for a pair of glasses. I was promised a quick delivery, and they were late by almost two weeks. When I did get the glasses the lenses did not even fit the frame, so I had to wait while they fixed there screw up. After only a few weeks the coating and lenses scratched using there soft cloth that came with the glasses. When I complained about how bad the coating had become several months later, they said the warranty had expired. Now let me get ths straight, I pay over $500.00 for glasses and they won't even last a few months??? To make matters worse, after a year the "Versage" frames literally feel apart at the spring loaded hinge, and when I called about ths too, I ws told there was nothing that could be done about it. You know what Lens Crafters, we all work hard for our money, and when we shell out good money for crappy product it *** us off. Now I have a $500.00 pair of glasses that are both scratched, and non-functional. I will be filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the Indiana State Attorney Generals office for deceptive business practices. My best advise is to not walk away from these guys, BUT RUN away from them. There are too many good companies out there that do not stoop to the level of Lens Crafters.

  • Pl
    playpiano89 Jun 28, 2010

    First of all, to the previous comment... there are THREE types of lenses. Glass, plastic, and polycarbonate. Poly is basically a better form of plastic, it is thinner, more durable and more scratch resistant.

    Secondly, LensCrafters offers free scratch coating to all of their lenses. But NO type of lens is completely indestructible.

    Thirdly, the anti glare coating is a wonderful addition to your lenses. It is most helpful when working on a computer or night time driving. I myself have this wonderful feature on my lenses.

    But, as with any type of lens, you do have to treat them with much care. My guess is that in cleaning your lenses you made one or more of the following mistakes.

    You said that you used the micro fiber cloth that came with the glasses. That is great. But did you also uses the lens cleaner solution? Probably not.

    Also before you clean your lenses you should run them under water to rinse off any dirt. If you don't do this then when you clean it with the cloth you are actually rubbing the dirt right into your lenses guaranteeing they will get scratched.

    So do you think that LensCrafters should pay for the your lenses just because you don't know how to take care of them. I think not.

    Fourthly, VERSACE (You spelled it wrong) frames are very good quality. There are designer frames that have very high ratings (do a little research and look it up). You should probably treat your frames better.

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  • Sc
    Schrodinger's Cat Jun 07, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The LensCrafters employee is posting the managerial line. The problem is ALWAYS the customer, NEVER LensCrafters. I did ALL of those things they stated and got the same result with expensive lenses. BBB.

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discriminates against minority customer

My friend and I were going to pick up a pair of prescription glasses at the Lenscrafters at North Park Mall in Dallas. He had already paid $550 for the glasses that had to be special ordered for the prescription. As we approached the store a tall saleswoman approached me with a coupon and free lens wipes. She ignored my friend. When we walked into the store she continued to ignore my friend and only focused on me. I didn't realize it at the time but she had done this to him before. It became obvious that she wanted to serve me because I am white and not my friend because he is Asian (with dark skin). We were the only customers in the store, which made the situation very awkward. My friend was so upset he could not stay in the store until management could resolve the situation. On our way out the customer service supervisor apologized and said that the sales clerk was already going to be fired. What is Lenscrafters waiting for? This situation is disgusting and dumb. The company discriminates against paying customers and loses a sale from me. I had brought my new prescription to buy a new pair of glasses. I don't feel comfortable in a store with these poor business practices.

  • Ka
    kaoru Nov 29, 2010

    Wow, should have gotten her name and reported. But the whole company is not at fault for this discrimination, just this person.

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bad service

I was charged more than was quoted on the phone $1000.00 more. They told me Transition lens and noline bifocals would be a certain price on phone but charged me more. When I went back to the store he went back checked my bill. I should have not told him and amount. He said it was right. So My $100.00 coupon really was not applied. So what I think the price was raised on no-line bifocals & transition lens then They pretended like they took $100.00 off. I got played. You call for price. When You purchase them it's a different price.

  • La
    Lalali Feb 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a pair of glasses and frames in September of 2010. The frames apparently have a painted on tint. This tint stared to peal off, but it didn't bother me at first because it was not noticeable on the outside of the frames. It then started to peel off on the outside of the frame, so I went to LensCrafters and all they would offer me was a new frame @ 50% off. This is a defect of the frame and not damage, so I would expect LensCrafters to replace them at no charge. I was told that it was past the 90 warranty and that they would not replace them. I asked them if it meant that they were loosing a customer and they just said "I'm sorry, but that is our policy" Where is customer service these days to gain customer loyalty?

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  • Jo
    John Cahill Feb 15, 2011

    As a member of The BBB, Lenscrafters has an "unsatisfactory" rating.
    You can easily receive the BBB report.
    Call The BBB and you will receive an automated service that will ask you to type in lenscrafters local phone number.
    You will immediately find out lenscrafters has for years earned The BBB's lowest rating.
    Lenscrafter is not the only national optical that has earned very low marks for price issues and service issues. "Consumer Reports" lists other national opticals to strongly avoid due to excessive and very misleading pricing, regular & repeated consumer complaints regarding "Bait & Switch" issues and much, much more.
    When you call a doctor's office or optical and ask "how much is" regarding contacts, frames & lenses and you don't know what lenses you want, what prescription you need, what frame you prefer & what you may wish added to the lenses, you are telling the person at the doctor's office or national optical to lie to you, mislead you, say anything they've been instructed & trained during required lectures to pull you in by giving you a low price that doesn't ever-NEVER exist. Once they start writing up your order and the prices are always $100.- $500. higher than they stated on the phone, you'll start to learn why it is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for glasses over the phone & Internet. They are well trained by experts to lie & mislead. Once you say the well worn phrase “give me a “Ballpark or range of prices” you have told them to LIE to you, and they will lie to you. Additionally, how can you expect to receive a "Ballpark" or range of prices whan you have NO IDEA what you really need or want? Do you ever call a grocery & ask the "Ballpark" price of a bag of groceries? Are you aware that there exist hundreds of "No-Line" Bifocals. Why would you not know that walmart, lenscrafters & eyeglass express give you low prices over the phone to hook you into their national chains?

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bad prescription

I went to Lenscrafters for an updated eye exam and as soon as I put my new glasses on I knew the prescription was incorrect. I had severe headaches and one eye was very blurry and never improved. I went back, to a different lenscrafters and received a totally different prescription which was equally bad. Finally, I went back to the original location only to continue with a bad prescription. I am 39 years old and have worn glasses since third grade. I have never had such problems ever. I don't know what they do but they are no longer a eyecare provider I will trust.

  • Ds
    dseyeman Mar 16, 2012

    I have been in eye care for 30ys, hate to break it to you, but that bad rx is based on your responses during the exam.

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horrible experience

I visited this office 3 weeks ago and got a new prescription for my contact lenses and bought 1 year supply...

never go there

I bought $500 Chanel Sunglasses, polorized, no-line bifocals, non stratch, all the pluses. I took them back after one lense started cracking inside the lense. I was told by the manager that there are no coatings on this lense, but they buy the lense, then cut it to fit my RX and frame. She talked me like a 10 year old on how to take care of my glasses. I have been wearing glasses for 45 years and I have three pair, all purchased at Lenscrafters in NE Mall in Hurst, Tx., and I paid $500 or more for each pair. Lenscrafters will not replace the lense for me because the manager says that most people get new glasses every year anyway!This was a defective lense and I have been told that by several other eyeglass places. Shame on you, Lenscrafters, for being such a scam. Shame on you, Lenscrafters, for not standing behind your product. Too much money for such shotty products. I will never go back there.

  • Jo
    John Cahill Feb 15, 2011

    "Polarized" is a laminate- inner, outer lens & polarized laminate sandwiched between.
    The problem you are experiencing is due to the cutting/edging of the lens and/or
    poor quality.
    Interior damage as you described is delamination.
    If Lenscrafters refuses to remake your lenses, contact THE BBB.
    If necessary, write LETTERS to the editor.
    The squeaky wheel gets the lens.
    They already made over at least $300. PROFIT, after all expenses from you-
    don't quit, don't give up.

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cracked lens

Bought glasses less than 1 year ago-lens cracked in corner on both lens. They will only replace if I pay 1/2...

poor customer service

I was recently in to the lenscrafters store in Pineville, NC. They looked not too busy on that particular day. They are usually busy and understaffed !!! So I decided to come in to get my glasses adjusted. A young white girl was sitting at a front desk helping someone and she greeted me and told me to sign in and we would be right with her. She was friendly. I signed in. Evelyn, another associate, didnt come to the sign sheet, she saw me waiting with my glasses in a ziplock bag. she confronted people coming out of the doctors office with prescritions in their hand and handed them a box and put her name in it. She never spoke to me. I approached her and she said that she was busy and the other associate was finishing up and that she could get to me quicker. The nice young lady said that she would help me in a few minutes. then i saw evelyn do the same thing, greet customer coming out of doc office. and preceded to help him as well, over me. when Melissa finished with her customer, she helped me. It only took 2 minutes for a screw and nose guards. she was very helpful and polite. she apologized for my delay. when i was leaving, evelyn didnt speak to me, she turned her head. evelyn only wanted people who were here to buy. when i need new glasses, if i come back, i will remember Melissa who took time to help me no questions asked ans stay away from that foreign saleslady !!! she wont get my business, and I will tell everyone who will listen.

improper lens fitting

On wed. April 7, 2010 i took 2 new eye glass prescriptions to the lenscrafters in palm desert, ca. I chose 2 new frames, one for regular glasses & the other for sun glasses, both with bifocals. I asked the person several times who was helping me to be sure that there were "blanks" for the sunglasses. Finally yes. But when i wore the sun glasses i felt like my eyes were being pulled right out of my head. I called the store 2 days later, speaking to the mgr & to inquire about correcting this prob. When i did return & explained this very uncomfortable sensation. It was discoverd that the sun glass lens had not been properly inserted into the curved frame hense my viable complaint with the "pulling" feeling. The person who had heped me with this new rx was included in this situation as well as the department that puts the lenses into selected frames. Hopfully everyone at this location has learned from their error. . I do not think that i will be returning to lenscrafters as this was the second time i have the same problem with sunglasses.

  • Jo
    John Cahill Feb 15, 2011

    You have NO idea how many lenses the lab produces in a week.
    Things happen.
    Be quiet.
    You should have been charged extra for the extra time spent.
    We have enough to deal with.
    Put them on & be quiet.
    See you in two years when, again, your insurance pays for everything.
    You want discounts? You got discounted service.
    Pay cash & your problems fade away.

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  • An
    Anthony maranan Apr 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow pay cash and your problems fade away? That being said, I assume you get paid commission and don't give a rats [censor] about people's vision. All you see are dollar signs everytime someone walks through the door. I think you are in the wrong business buddy. I've been searching on reviews about lenscrafter stores everywhere and I end up with the same general review. A disgrace to optometry. You all might as well be working at ford dealerships trying to sell cars because of what I'm reading over and over again, most lenscrafters associates are just trying to rip you off. Sorry if I offended legitimate employees trying to make a living, but after this guys comment, damn, he blew it for the whole company.

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  • Li
    linkent Jan 18, 2013

    Thanks for giving me the useful information. I think I need it. Thank you

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I dread the idea of dealing with there inefficient system again

I have to travel over 2 hrs to get to a mall. Lenscrafters was running deals. First time glasses sent to me and with the wrong prescription. Months later another return glasses developed stress cracks.leave to wait for glasses Return again for fitting. I had put so much money in my gas tank their money saving deal went up in smoke for me. they did rplace lens free but now I see the same thing happening again. I dread the idea of dealing with there inefficient system again.

  • Bi
    BigDan04474 Jun 14, 2010

    It is not LensCrafters fault that you have to drive 2 hours to get there. You said that they replaced the lenses for free, what else are they supposed to do for you!? If you live a long ways away and decide to drive to get glasses then get used to driving for what you need. Obviously you drove for a reason, you should have factored in the cost of gas into the purchase price because that was a cost incurred in order for you to purchase your glasses. What your review or complaint tells me is that LensCrafters stood behind their product and you are upset because of your own decision to drive two hours to buy them.

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  • Op
    opticalnerd Dec 21, 2010

    It is likely that the lenses do not fit the frame properly but it also may be due to the cleaners you are using. Most other substances other than lens cleaner or water are not safe for long term use on your glasses and can cause cracking in your lenses. (I know, because I worked in an optical lab)

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[Resolved] staff poorly trained

I have been trying to get my daughter some contact lens from lenscrafters. We have been there several time...

another set of horrible customer service

I went in because my I was struggling more and more with my glasses on the computer. Originally I went to Walmart to try and save some money, but I was having a hard time wearing those glasses. Instead of taking them back to Walmart, I figured I would just spend the extra money and go to a "real" store/doctor. Big mistake.

The sales people at the galeria at tyler store are so rude it is amazing. They talk down to you like you're twelve and never let you expain a thing. The original lady I had talked to asked if I had vision insurance, I was trying to explain to her that I just have health insurance and that they offered a discount, but I would get half way through the sentance and she'd cut me off and continued to ask me if it was a vision insurance or not.

Then after I got my new glasses I had a terrible time adjusting to them, so since the doctor told me if I had a hard time I should come back and they'd readjust them. Apparently they really didn't like that because all I got when I called again was attitude. The second doctor that examined told me no less than 3 times that if this adjustment didn't work this is as good as it gets.
I explained to her that I don't actually want to come back, it's a pain to go to that store, but apparently that didn't dissuade her from continuing to talk down to me and tell me I can't go back and forth and exchange lenses. This is the only time I've come in for a readjustment! It's not like I've been there 3 times already.
Then she proceded to push contacts. I told her I couldn't afford them, I already had spent a lot of money on the glasses. That didn't dissuade her from continuing to push the contacts, and to tell me that the nosepads on the glasses I have were "gross". I really did not need the color commentary, and I didn't want to pay for contacts. (Needless to say I didn't get contacts, they won't get any more of my business).

Anyway, the upshot is now I'm waiting on the new pair of glasses, but I will NEVER go back to this store again. They are all EXTREMELY rude, arrogant and most certainly do not care about their customers.

  • Jo
    John Cahill Feb 15, 2011

    Clean your nosepads with a Q-Tip & alcohol.
    They WERE gross!
    Everyone that saw you, saw those disgusting nose pads.
    We should not have touched your glasses.
    You may have given us hepatitus!
    Walmart, too? You got exactly what you paid for.
    National opticals?
    Have you yet learned your expensive lessons?

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extermely poor service, late, prejudice

My father ordered prescription glasses from Lenscrafters at towncenter mall in Kennesaw Ga. We did not get any phone call from them so I called after 3 weeks. Store rep said they are in store Lab. 3 weeks ago at the time of purchase they were being sent out to Ohio. Then a girl who said she was the manager told me that Ohio is backed up with Orders & lenses just came in. Next day i went to pick them up. My dad couldn't see through the reading glasses. Rep looked irate when asked for reasons for blurriness. He was RUDE (he did not yell but his temperament with my father & I was very mean because my dad couldn't see through the lenses & he didn't really felt like dealing with us). Lets see what happens what happens after few days. Per rep the eyes should adjust to the lenses in few day.

  • Ne
    needanalias Mar 01, 2010

    If the associate was rude, I would suggest sending a formal complaint to LensCrafters corporation. They are very good when it comes to responding to customer complaints, and I can almost guarantee you that the associate's behavior would be discussed with a manager. As for your father's vision, try out the glasses for a few days; and, if the problems persist, either return the glasses or better yet, go get a follow up eye exam with your doctor. Optometrists do make mistakes, and sadly it is the opticians or the lab technicians who most often get to face the customers' scorn. Furthermore, LensCrafters does give you a 3-month prescription guarantee where we cover entirely for any prescription changes the customer might have. It is something we stress to customers at the Canadian location I personally work at, and you have every right to avail it.

    I understand your frustrations, but there are means to get your problems solved. We are in the customer care business, and at our end, most of us try to do the best we can to make sure you go home happy, and come to us for life. At the end of the day, despite being a part of the same company, each store is different and offers a unique experience. And sadly, this particular GA location couldn't provide you with the ultimate customer experience we'd like you to be a partake in.

    Lastly, I must add that I am not someone from HR, just an associate meandering through forums in boredom, stuck at the lower echelons of the salary scale.


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  • Ma
    MakesYourGlasses Mar 05, 2010

    Somehow in your tirade, you forgot to explain why Lenscrafter was prejudice. Just because the ethnicity of the associate and that of the customer are different and they have a disagreement, doesn't make one of them prejudice.

    0 Votes
  • Ri
    R in GA Feb 22, 2012

    I had something like that happen once, and I did need to go back to the optometrist who did the test and wrote the Rx for the glasses. I was retested by another optometrist, and the result was a different Rx! After that, Lenscrafters gave me at least one pair of new lenses at no additional charge. It's true that the people who provide the glasses, use the Rx they receive for each eye, fit the lenses into the frame, and can have nothing whatsoever to do with a customer's disatisfaction. Once, however, I ordered lenses and frames from the optical department of a major department store and couldn't see properly when I received them. I gave it a couple of days, and then went over to Lenscrafters with the glasses. They actually found the problem: The lenses were not positioned properly into the frame...something about the axis... I was so grateful to Lenscrafters, got a refund from the other company, and reordered the replacement glasses from Lenscrafters! I have been their customer ever since--about 21 yrs.

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poor quality of lens

After the forth pair of lens they still can't get it right. Now they refuse to refund my money, they...

paint comes off the frames

I have had 2 pairs of glasses from LC that the paint came off of. The first time they gave me frames for free. the second and worst time, I was a couple days over the one year mark and was too busy to get in. I was using permanent marker on the frames daily so I wouldn't look ridiculous. They would not credit me past the 1 year mark. So if your glasses fail you, get in there ASAP even if you hafta cancel meetings at work or with sick patients like I had to do.

  • Ma
    MakesYourGlasses Mar 06, 2010

    Nobody wants to hear the sob story about how you have to neglect sick patients to get your glasses problems solved. Two different frames and the same problems happen? Obviously it's your fault for the way you care for your frames. It's not their fault you manhandle your frames causing paint to chip off. You were aware of the warranty and how you have exactly a year, therefore you should've found a way in. Unless you work 9am-9pm seven days a week, there is no excuse.

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horrible customer service

After having my eyes examined to re-order contacts I received a call from the Lenscrafters in Sanford, Florida mall to change my prescription on my form...When I ordered a 6-month supply of contacts I flew to Illinois for the Christmas holidays. I have not been able to read at all and wore them for almost 2 weeks until I flew back home to Florida..

I checked the copy of the contact prescription in my files and they had given me the worn prescription to begin with. I am planning to return to the Sanford mall tomorrow after classes at college and will receive the right prescription. I am very pissed them again after this horrible customer service...

  • Jo
    John Cahill Feb 15, 2011

    Why be "pissed" at Lenscrafters?
    It was YOU that chose an impersonal national chain. As a publically traded company, they MUST prioritize profits over your issues. You have NO idea the profit ALL national chains make from you & your family.
    You gave your business to an international conglomerate & made the italian corporation more profitable.
    Now, they want your complaints to go away.
    Shop local & help your neighborhood.
    It's the local company that pays for your schools & roads.
    Lenscrafters money enriches billionaires in Italy.

    0 Votes

poor service poor customer service

Dec 6 9009 Went in for exam and 2 pairs of glasses.I wanted 1 to be sunglasses.First she made out order we...

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