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Still waiting after a month - STAY FAR AWAY! SCAM!

167867 I placed an order on 10/14. Their website says that it takes about a week to deliver unless it is a complex order, which (understandably may take a bit longer). These were simple...

Broken frame

167867 Stop. Don't spend a dime with this company. My glasses and frames lasted less than 30 days. I did reach their customer service department once, but their attempt at English...

All Pro TechEyeglasses

Have now used twice and been very satisfied each time. About to use them yet again. Great to have a spare set of eyeglasses in the office or in the reading room.

When I ordered my first eye glasses at, I was a little sceptical. When I received them in the mail, I was completely satisfied. I have had numerous compliments and people can not believe what I paid. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Next week I will buy the third pair for my sun.

I have recommended to all my friends.

Worst customer service

This company has the worst customer service available. Everytime I would talk to someone via the customer service online service I was told each time that my glasses were being shipped that very day and to wait 3-4 days for delivery and I would be sent a tracking number for delivery. I would print the conversation and save it. I would wait 2 days and call again since no number was sent to me, and again was told the glasses were being sent out that very day. When I read the last conversation I was called a liar and told the conversation never took place. After 3 weeks and four additonal calls "Sam" told put me on hold and said he had a tracker number for me because they had shipped out already. While I was talking to Sam I checked the USPS website and found that the tracker number was created just 4 minutes earlier. When I told Sam this he just said have a good evening and disconnected from me. Well two days later it stated the package was picked up and now I will wait to see if I just get an empty box or the glasses I ordered. I have already contacted the bank to let them know what is going on. They assured me they will reverse the charge on my credit card it the product is not correct. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY...BEWARE

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    Justice Jane Aug 05, 2011

    I was easily sucked into their stylish sunglasses. My very first order I received the wrong frame along with scratched lenses due to low or no quality control at all. Took over a month to get it corrected. Then again, I decided to order 2 more pairs for over $65. Received the wrong Rx on both and they were blurry. Sent them back and they wanted $40++ to correct the problem, so I asked for a refund and its just not fair for me to be losing so much money. They are the worst ever! Profits first, quality and customer service last.

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    samantha123 Jan 06, 2012

    Please email your concerns and issues regarding your purchase at [email protected] We will be glad to resolve any issue regarding your purchase. We can either remake you another set of eyeglasses or refund you the cost of the glasses.

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    sally321 Jan 12, 2012


    I ordered a paid or tri-focals a few months ago. I had been warned by my doctor at Kaiser Permanente about ordering glasses online or getting them from WalMart. He told me it was very important to get them from a "reliable" source, e.g., Kaiser Optical. I did price them out through Kaiser and they were well over $400. close to $300 even with my measly insurance coverage! So, I started searching online. I came across your website advertising $5.95 frames!

    Needless to say, I was skeptical. The glasses with progressive lenses, transition tint, anti-glare/scratch resistant were under $100. I figured if they came and fell apart or I couldn't see out of them I could always return them (money back guarantee), but if they were half-way decent I would save over $200.

    They came and couldn't be more perfect. They are quality, comfortable, and the progressive (no lines) are placed PERFECTLY for reading, computer use and distance! I haven't seen this well in 10 years.

    SO, I went back online tonight to order a pair of sunglasses with my distance correction only. The reason for this is I can't see very well to putt when I'm golfing trying to look through the bottom of the glasses that are set for reading! HA!

    Anyway, because of a computer issue my screen froze when I was just finishing the order and when I got back in and completed my order, my account showed TWO pairs were ordered and paid for. I went to the online chat option. I was answered quickly by "Sam". He took care of my problem immediately. He was friendly (without unnecessary chat), informative, fast, and professional. I continued the conversation asking him a couple of additional questions that he answered completely, without hesitation. I did not have to wait for anything, his answers were clear and concise and very, very quick. Thank you so much, Sam.

    I really couldn't be more pleased with ALL of my dealings with your company and honestly can't believe you can put out the quality product you do for so little. I will continue to order from Best Price Glasses in the future and will recommend you to anyone who will listen.

    You have my permission to use my name and what I have written here to let other potential customers know how I feel about my dealings with your company.


    Sally Mansur

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Inferior Product & Bad Customer Service

Ordered a pair of replacement glasses for my father from Best Price Glasses. Com. When the glasses arrived they were of poor quality as the frames were extremely cheaply made and were of the incorrect size. The lenses had rough edges around where they fit into the frame. The glasses were ordered to have a grey tint but instead were tinted green! If the quality and incorrect tint weren't enough my father could not see properly with these glasses even though it was the exact same prescription as his previous glasses, these were just replacements. The lenses were of poor quality and made incorrectly as was verified by the optometrist who performed the eye exam and examined this pair of glasses.

BestPriceGlasses.Com did not reply to any of my emails requesting a refund for the glasses. I have to say the customer service is very poor. You may save a bit of money ordering from them but in the long run its far better to have your glasses made locally. My father had a pair made by Sears Optical and they were made perfect the first time out.

For these reasons, especially the non response to the problem from them, I would not recommend Best Price Glasses . Com.

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    Sambestpriceglasses Dec 06, 2011

    Please contact us via email to [email protected] and provide us with your order number and complete customer name. We will be glad to resolve any issue regarding your purchase. We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction, we can offer a remake at no cost or an exchange pair with the same value or you can get your money back. We will be happy to assist you.


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I just received my new sunglasses. I'd been on vacation and they were here when I got home... I'm very pleased...They are very well put together and I can see great...

Fraud alert

Thought I would save some time by buying my glasses online. Decided on a company by the name of Waited and waited for my order to come, but it never did. In...