Leila Gonzalez Gormanport chester ny racist remark and mocking my name, failed to give me the proper prices and was charged for sundays with out being told

My Name Is leila Gonzalez Fitzpatrick. I called on may 11th at 1:35 PM
When a representative in Port Chester NY answered.
I asked if there were any cars available from Sat May 13 th AM until Till Sat may 13 th Evening.
He asked me for my Telephone number [protected]. He made fun of my last name. He said " lilac Gonzeeeeeleeeezzzz. It was very prejudice, it was as if he was clearly, being RACIST. I said, no thats not how to pronounce my last name, I corrected him. he then preceded to give me very outrageous rental prices, and he never mentioned that I would be charged for Sunday.
I asked to speak to another car rental representative. He hung up on me.
I rent cars from enterprise every other weekend.
The Port Chester Enterprise has never mentioned to me that I was being charged for Sunday all day.
Leila Gonzalez Fitzpatrick

May 11, 2017

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