LBC Express / undelivered parcel please return to return address


As of today, I still have not heard any latest update about my parcel (what's in the parcel: food and a stainless steel bracelet). No call neither text message or email from LBC.

The items (with tracking number: [protected]) I sent was not delivered to the address of the recipient (Kim Andrew Olimpo). The delivery date indicated on the LBC Official Receipt was September 25, 2017. The recipient did not received any text message or call from LBC which means no attempt of delivery was made even until yesterday, September 26, 2017. I always check the LBC tracking tool online and it appears to be showing fabricated comments by your courier just to have things recorded and documented in your system. There was an instruction for the recipient to pick up the parcel at Manila Delivery Hub 1 which the recipient will not be able to because he will be taking his flight going abroad today, September 27, 2017. I would appreciate if you just return the package to the return address found on the parcel. LBC has caused me so much trouble. I am disappointed and dissatisfied with your service. Still hoping you can make it right this time.

Thank you.

Sep 26, 2017

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