LBC Expressundelivered item

I would like to complain about the shipment I am expecting to be delivered today. I ordered it thru Shopee. Ref#[protected]. I work from home and I badly need it tonight!! My address is clear, Clemente apartment 83 C Mabiyaya st. Masagana Homes, Sta Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan. I was waiting all day and to my surprise the order was tagged delivery failed and Medina family doesn't know me. I don't have a neighbor that has a Medina last name. I have a meeting tonight online with a client and I will loose $600 because of this. I've been waiting for the shipment. Please investigate and ask your delivery man where the hell is that Medina Family?!! I am so pissed right now!! I need the item tonight or you will pay for the shipment!! Call me at [protected]. And oh, I also have a contact number on the shipment, why didn't he send me a text message. You guys will pay for this!!

LBC Express

Aug 06, 2018

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