LBC Expressnon delivery of items for a month already!

We sent the package thru LBC Express last April 4, yet due to holy week, receiver couldn't able to pick up the package.
Right after the holiday, the receiver went to LBC outlet, but due to name error, it wasnt able to get.
However, we already make a request and change name for the package and as per the outlet where we sent the package, just show up the new receipt and pay this certain amount and all will be fine! But the receiving outlet says that package is already in the LBC Express Main office! We tried to call the receiving outlet for hundred times already yet they never pick up the phone.
Receiving outlet couldnt explain also how to do to get the package back!!!
is it really safe to send package to LBC????
this thing happened twice to me already. the first one was return to sender but this time, nothing returned to us!!!

May 03, 2017

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