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Review for Kohl's - sunset valley in Austin, TX

Is there a way to give -ve stars? I am so pissed to even give 1 star to this place. I had one of the worst experience in this Kohl's recently. If you are shopping or planning to go shop here, you should read this. I bought a sport jacket for my wife and went to the counter. I had a $10 off coupon that I had got by mail recently and I presented that. When the lady (lady1) behind the counter saw that she immediately said to me you cannot use this coupon again. I was confused when I heard that. I have never used a coupon at this kohls or any other kohls before. This was the first time I am using it. So I told her I am using this for the first time. And then she goes "no you have used this before. our security cameras have caught you using this before". WHAT??? I was completely appalled and enraged hearing that.

I was uttering words like atrocious and ridiculous and asked how she can make an outrageous claim like that? She was answering as though I was lying, what a repugnant behavior from her, i was still in shock. Now she was making sign language with another counter lady (lady2) and apparently it was lady2 who was feeding her this crap. I demanded an apology from lady1 for her actions and she started rolling her eyes. The lady2 was mostly avoiding looking at me and I think she made a mistake by confusing me with someone else. And by now she started realizing this and turned the other way starting to service other customers. Now, lady1 understood that she has no support from her coworker, but still was unapologetic. I asked her that I see the manager, and manager came and she immediately accepted the coupon and asked lady1 to process the sale. But I still wanted an apology and none of them had any sense of remorse/decency to say sorry. I asked the manager that "are you all calling me a lier?" and if not you have to apologize for this nasty treatment. The manager said we are not calling you a lier but we also cannot call lady1/2 lier either. WHAT? how can both be true? ... at this point lady1 had no nerve to look me in the eye and talk .. and I was standing there hoping that they would express some sort of regret .. but nothing, absolutely nothig from them !!! I asked lady1 "well, what do u have to say?" and now she started changing her tone and saying that she was not at fault and it was lady2 that made her say those things. Anyway, I paid and left still feeling utter disgust at the way they treated me ..

Now looking back, I am wondering did I do the right thing? did I let them go off easily? should I have made a scene? can I complain this to police, since this is clear case customer humiliation ... what would you have done when faced with this? My wife says I shoud not have bought the jacket and should not have left until they had apologized. I think buying the jacket was the right thing because I never did anything wrong and I had every right to buy it, but I should have persisted in my demand for apology. I am mostly an easy going guy and I try to forgive/forget and move on, but this still bugs me ..

Kohls should be ashamed for having employees like this. I hope this serves as a warning for others. Do not let any of these counter people to ill treat you and make sure you do the right thing.

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  • Mi
      20th of Jul, 2012


    Yes, you did the right thing, by getting your discount on the purchase, and voicing your shock and amazement, having been the Victim of a trash talking Employee.
    And the fact that you were shopping for your wife, well you are a Sweetheart for that!!!

    She is kind to have wanted you to have an apology.

    If you still are angry, Search the Corporate Office of Kohl's, send them an email, telling them what happened, or for more impact, copy and paste this Complaint, and let them know how you still feel.
    Ask for a reply.
    This will usually get a reply.
    Good Luck!

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