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I placed an order on 4/27/17 that totaled $82.35. $67.37 of it was only available online and $14.98 in store pick up. On 4/28/17 I noticed I had 4 auths on my debit account. One for the $82, one for $67 and two for the $14. I called the customer service number and Shaine said I do not know why we charge like that but we do.I asked to speak ot a supervisor and got Marco who continues to say it is absolutely legal what we are doing to auth on your debit card double + 14.98 on your card because they will drop off. But in the mean while we will hold $180. It is not legal to auth that. My receipt says $82.35 that is the only amount I authorized to pay nothing more or less how KOHLS needs to handle it internally whether not to allow partial warehouse and in store orders is their own problem but they have no right on holding more than double of the amount that I paid for because they do not have all the products in store or allow partial orders. I asked Marco for an EID and the Corp number and he felt he can have an attitude about it. I am sorry Kohls has such representation for management and poor ability to find a way to bill people appropriately. It is not ok to charge more than what is auth.

Apr 28, 2017

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