Kogan Australiaservice

I have been trying to find out where The Portable Air Conditioner that I bought from Kogan is ..

You may recall that I have been tracking it (or at least, trying to) via Australia Post and was frustrated there had been no shipping updates on their Tracking Portal... Well it appears that the information they provided on the portal was based on digital information from Kogan, however The item was NOT nor appears to HAVE BEEN physically dispatched from the Kogan Warehouse..

So I have contacted Kogan via email as they don't have a contact number, to complain and advise them that as it appears the item had not been dispatched, they are to CANCEL THE ORDER forthwith and immediately refund me the cost of the goods

Perhaps if Kogan spent more time on looking after it's core business than venturing into the financial business in Super, Insurance and other financial businesses, then perhaps things may improve.

I mean to say, how can you trust a company like Kogan with your finances, when you can't even trust them to get their deliveries sorted.

Nov 28, 2018

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