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Kogan Australia Complaints & Reviews

Kogan Australia / blue ice microphone order no 9daa2bw7

Jul 02, 2019

I ordered a microphone on 22 June and Kogan took payment immediately. 10 days later they told me it wasn't in stock (still advertised on website) and will take up to 7 days to give a refund. The 'help' line 1300 304 292 is useless - no connection to a human - and their suggested help...

Kogan Australia / oneplus 5

Jun 28, 2019

Bought phone just over 12months ago. Returned phone at the 10month mark due to speaker issues. Have asked to keep me updated, but after 6 weeks i sent an email whats going on, the reply was along the lines of 'just found the issue will need parts' they are in the process of issuing...

Kogan Australia / 65in kogan tv

Jun 26, 2019

I purchased the TV on 20th June and was delivered on the 22nd June. It was removed from the packaging as per instruction and when connected the screen was visibly cracked. There was no visible damage to the screen and the cracks were only visible when the power was switched on. I have had...

Kogan Australia / have not received order.

Jun 19, 2019

Ordered phone online around 16/5. Was sent to incorrect address and was returned to sender around 22/5 by australia post. Please re send phone. To correct address. Kogan order number 4tfktpbx. Afterpay order number 74783920 Australia post tracking number 6533676412 1x huauei nova 3e. Klein...

Kogan Australia / apple iphone 5s

Jun 13, 2019

My ticket number is 7382079. Multiple email interaction s have occurred including videos of fault and pictures of all barcodes and packaging. The phone will not charge and turns on and off whilst trying to charge. The lady emailing me is 'Dannah' she has now asked for evidence via...

Kogan Australia / samsung galaxy s8

Jun 10, 2019

I've bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 in December on DickSmith online. Phone echo to whoever I phone, reception is poor, internet and phone calls. After almost 50 emails since first complaint, photos, images, invoices, four different reference numbers for the same problem. Send phone back first...

Kogan Australia / d300 touchscreen computer

Jun 09, 2019

I purchased this product October 2018, it has numerous faults, some keys do not work, cannot use except in Tablet Mode, it is very slow in almost all situations. It turns off without warning, The touch keys in tablet mode are very innacurate. ( e.g. Press "o" and "i " comes up sometimes!...

Kogan Australia / transaction dispute

Jun 07, 2019

i have a overdraft of $511 on my bank account where payment for my TV has gone twice westpac say its pay-pal and pay-pal say its you but i cant get hold of you so what do i do Invoices for each item will be available after dispatch. Tax Invoice Invoice # 30101911 Invoice Date: 5 June...

Kogan Australia / unauthorised transaction fraud

May 28, 2019

FRAUD Unauthorised access to my account! Purchased 29/05/2019 - account name is rachel grosdanis and someone has an order pending in my accont, stole the money and used my kogan account investigate immediately there is NO one to talk to! Some accessed my kogan onine account, purchased...

Kogan Australia / unable to 'submit a request' on their website

May 28, 2019

on the website you have no other way to contact them other than submitting a request no email no nothing. the form requires on areas be filled the problem is that one of the areas required doesnt have a text box meaning you cant fill it in, you can not submit anything i have tried to find...

Kogan / electrical products

May 23, 2019

Paid $639.00 for Kogan 55" Agora Smart 4K LED TV (Series 9 MU9000) - Refurbished. Will not work and trying to get in touch with KOGAN is fruitless. I see that out of 239 complaints listed here, only one has been resolved. This just not good enough I NOTICE THERE ARE MANY SUCH COMPLAINTS ABOUT...

Kogan Australia / order made today

May 09, 2019

I need someone to contact me regarding my order that I have made today 9/5/2019 it's showing that I have no pending orders on my account, so I'm concerned something has gone wrong and the order will be not processed, but the money is pending, so I wanted to cancel the order but it won't...

Kogan Australia / kogan supplying modems that don’t work!

May 03, 2019

I recently decided to get nbn internet put on at our home! And asked a few friends if they could recommend which company i should go through! Kogan Internet was suggested! (We've never had internet on at our home as at our last house we were always in a black spot) I contacted Kogan and...

Kogan Australia / purchase of samsung galaxy s8 dual sim g950fd (64gb, black)

Apr 29, 2019

My name is Ahmed Munir. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM G950FD (64GB, Black) for my wife, late last year. Kogan was recommended by a friend who had earlier purchased from the company, I decided to purchase from Kogan as well. The Phone arrived in December 2018. Right from the...

Kogan Australia / regent comfort kensington 1200tc egyptian cotton striped bed sheets king indigo

Apr 26, 2019

The reference number for this complaint is ID 2x86jthj. We have not received this product despite sending numerous emails asking for a credit and change of product. We cannot access the online account under Chris Burton as it keeps rejecting change of password. We have also already paid...

Kogan Australia / kaled50lu8010sta television kogan order number q2429z7x ticket no. 7257895

Apr 23, 2019

The television was delivered 3.5 weeks ago. and has not worked correctly since installed. The HDMI inputs will not hold a HDMI cable firmly (the same HDMI cables are held firmly in my 10 year old Plasma TV) The picture is fuzzy when using the ATV/Antenna input (the same cable gives me perfect... / 55inch curved hd tv

Apr 22, 2019

Re: [ Help Desk] Re: No Picture Just Striaght Vertical White Line down Middle of Screen Suggesting Tube Problem Help Desk Fri, Apr 12, 2:10 PM (11 days ago) ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request #7258494 has been updated. Reply to this email to respond...

Kogan Australia / delivery of tv

Apr 18, 2019

We purchased a tv from Kogan on the 14th April for our holiday house. We had guests booked for the Easter break. We were told it would be 1-4 days. As it turned out it was one day, but we were not informed the delivery was coming and as it is a holiday home we needed some notice to get...

Kogan Australia / refund of item

Apr 10, 2019

I purchased an weight bench, had it put together and found it to be faulty. I advised Kogan of the problem via email and after some time, a Video showing how unsafe the product was and numerous emails Kogan advised that a courier would collect and a refund would be issued. Kogan instructed...

Kogan Australia / benchtop dishwasher

Apr 10, 2019

Dishwasher has flooded. Customer support contacted online (no phone support line) and its a week later and still no contact. The troubleshooting service was used but didn't help resolve the issue. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and need to get a new dishwasher sent ASAP!! Just need someone to...

Kogan Australia / iphone se

Apr 04, 2019

Iphone SE. delivered last week and unable to charge the phone we took it to a Telstra Shop and they tested it and said the battery is at fault. Common problem with I phone SE so I sent them a message and they still have not replied today I rang them and was told to e-mail them with the...

Kogan Australia / inquiries about my order not being answered?

Apr 02, 2019

IV been trying to contact someone at kogan every day since I received my order and I'm still waiting for a response!! I want my order fixed so I can use my tool box.. The service is extremely poor and the phone number you provide is a pointless number to call it only tells you to go on...

Kogan Australia / portable air conditioner

Apr 02, 2019

Air conditioner could not form a seal around my window. This left a large area for cold air to escape out the window. I contacted Kogan immediately. They agreed to a refund as I had contacted them within 14 days. I had to chase them up each time. I sent all the photos, receipts etc despite...

Kogan Australia / tv under warranty

Apr 01, 2019

My tv no longer works, i contacted them and with thier assistance tried numerous 'technical fixes' but nothing worked, kogan eventually agreed after 7 weeks of going back and forth that it was covered under warrenty. They arranged a pick up to take to their techicians for 'assessment' tbat...

Kogan Australia / apple iphone se

Mar 27, 2019

Kogan sent a 'NEW' iPhone SE which didn't work (would not charge at all so never turned on). Tried to tell me to go to Apple to fix it, but Apple said it wasn't under warranty (despite it being NEW). Eventually I took lots of pictures of the product, emailed these images to Kogan, who then...

Kogan Australia / kogan order no : qjl4hkck, kogan request #7214360

Mar 23, 2019

From: Dipak P, APS&JP NSW [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Sunday, 24 March 2019 10:42 AM To: '[email protected]' ; '[email protected]' Cc: 'Seema Padhiyar' Subject: FW: [ Help Desk] Re: 2 in 1 Mirror Storage Cabinet(white) Dear New Aim Team/kogan KOGAN ORDER NO : QJL4HKCK KOGAN...

Kogan Australia / 1 x outstanding kettle

Mar 19, 2019

Good Morning As you can see the below email I has been sending Kogan in regards of 1 x Kettle missing from my delivery when it should of been 2 which I have paid for-I have sent over 9 emails and they still haven't sent me what I have paid for as I explained I only received 1 kettle and I...

Kogan Australia / ctgdn9n1cta garden cutting kit

Mar 19, 2019

Purchase No. 3KTN2GZ2 I assembled the cutting kit on Thursday 14/3 and ran it for 10mins to make sure everything was OK. Apart from one huge kickback when pulling the starter pull cord, all went well. Today 19/3, I started it up again. It ran for about 3 mins and stopped. It would not...

Kogan Australia / kogan iron

Mar 18, 2019

I am not sure if you have received my previous complaints.. This is the second iron you have sent me with the same problem (unable to open and fill the water tank)unless you sent me the same iron...!! I want to return it and be reimbursed. How do I go about doing this please. I can't complain...

Kogan Australia / faulty samsung tablet

Mar 17, 2019

I purchased a tablet in December last year and it has been faulty since we first used it. I have twice shipped it back to your repair centre to only have it returned to me with the same fault. If I do not get a refund or a replacement I will be lodging a complaint with the Department of...

Kogan Australia / steam mop

Mar 17, 2019

I purchased a 10 in 1 steam mop from Kogan and it was missing a part. I contacted the help desk who advised they did not have this part in stock and I needed to go and purchase. I asked what size screw this was over and over again and still have not got a response. Basically I have a mop...

Kogan Australia / lack of contact from customer care

Mar 15, 2019

After almost 10 days of emailing (as there is no phone number available) i still am sitting on milk crates as the chair i had replaced last year (almost identical problem) broke i email customer service got a request number 7191270 then i got an email back stating someone will be in touch...

Kogan Australia / samsung s8 mobile

Mar 14, 2019

I purchased a Samsung S8 Mobile phone and it was delivered yesterday to Gordon M Cooke 53 Lucinda Avenue Wahroonga NSW 2076. The phone is FAULTY. It has a colourful line right down the screen. I spoke to Samsung at Macquarie Shopping Centre and they confirm it was faulty. They said the phone...

Kogan Australia / kogan 9kg front load washing machine

Mar 11, 2019

The Machine barrel is out of balance as it jumps on fast spin. Have levelled the machine and have purchased shock absorbents for the base of the machine. The machine is showing that on a 800 spin it will move from one end of the laundry to the other. No levelling or shock absorbents will...

Kogan Australia / refund not received

Mar 01, 2019

on the 18/2/2019 My name is Xuan Dinh [email protected] 0422713876 request refund# 7163014 I accidentally click on kogan website purchase of the Executive Pu leather office chair at $149.95 form my Visa credit card. within 2 minute time frame I cancel the purchase, one week later I have...

Kogan Australia / kogan premium vr headset & elite wireless gaming controller x 2

Mar 01, 2019

Hello Im wanting to speak with a customer service officer. I have been emailing since January and cannot find a resolution to my problem. I need to return 2 sets of the above mentioned. I have been told so many different things and im getting no where and getting very frustrated. this i...

Kogan Australia / customer service with nbn and my aircon blow up under warranty

Feb 27, 2019

Recordings on how you do not answer calls on customer service. My nbn I have waited for 2 months now to be installed. My aircon blew up also and I want my money back I want a call urgently to sort this. 0432295407 Mellissa Price Not copping this is to short in text and therefore...

Kogan Australia / online purchase

Feb 27, 2019

So frustrated that after two and a half months I am still waiting for half my purchase to arrive. The ineptitude of the Kogan process is mind blowing. Any issues raised via their online help portal are returned with platitudes. Half of a bed which was due to be delivered pre Xmas has still...

Kogan Australia / delivery

Feb 25, 2019

Hello again Kogan, You've had my money for long enough, where is my Samsung tablet. Supposedly this was dispatched over 10 days ago. When I go to check tracking number, Australia Post tell me it doesn't exist. Are you running a scam, or is this standard service from you? I am very angry...

Kogan / tv

Feb 25, 2019

I've bought a tv not even 6 months ago that keeps turning off tried to find numbers to call to speak to someone but can not find it? Every number I fall I get hung up on when I press to speak to someone, I am not very happy with this as it's not the first issue I've had with products for...