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3m 9502v+ kn95 particulate n95 respirator mask (25 pack)

Order: 3U4Y4JJT I am complaining about your company's poor customer service and being misled by your website information about the availability of a product. I purchased the...

Faulty Laptop KALAP13S300VA Kogan Atlas Go 13.3" — Faulty product

Purchased 19.11.2019 for my son for High School, at the 1st week or two of the last term for 2019. He only used it at school & very little time at home for homework. My 12 yoa son complained that he did not have enough room to download his Science book. Upon looking at the Laptop I found I couldn't 'update' Windows & it was saying there was not enough space to update.
I contacted 14.2.2020 only through an email service & had to wait for a reply.
Customer care at replied on 14.2.2020 as I thought that they had sold me a 32GB instead of a 64GB & they informed me that I had bought a 32GB memory & could I provide a photo of the device showing the capacity of the storage that Windows 10 occupied.
17.2.2020 I gave photo's of the "Windows Update Database Error detected' & told them that I had a Faulty Laptop.
19.2.2020 was told to try and uninstall Windows. Wouldn't uninstall Windows.
20.2.2020 I told them that I do not want a repair or replacement want a refund.
20.2.2020 they sent instructions on '3 Ways to remove Microsoft account from Windows 10'.
21.2.2020 troubleshooting steps did not work. They said 'Unfortunately it appears that your product is faulty' they will arrange for the product to be returned at their cost.
22.2.2020 They said 'must be faulty' send it back.
26.2.2020 Return authorisation #RA1452201
1.3.2020 Confirm if I sent back the parcel with the labels provided
3.3.2020 Sent back via Australia Post to Mobile Device Services Factory 10, 21-25 Panamax Drive, Ravenhall Vic 3023
I repeatedly told them that I want a REFUND for the faulty product & I do not want it 'fixed by their technicians' or replaced.
They said 22.2.2020 'Once our technicians identify a minor issue with the unit, given the time-frame and the said nature of the fault, we have to elect or nominate a free repair.
8.3.2020 Update email, the item is on it's way and has been processed in Melbourne Vic facility.
12.3.2020 Confirmation email saying that they had received the Laptop and the Technicians are looking at it there will be a 14 calender wait.
12.3.2020 I said outrageous in a reply email. They said "When our technicians carry out their assessment they ensure that all provided information is taken into account and every avenue is explored before coming to any conclusion" "In the event that a product is assessed and a fault can't be found, we will make sure to contact you first before any further action is taken"
18.3.2020 Update email. Good news! I can confirm that your device is already on its way to you. With the despatch numbers.
They are returning the faulty Laptop.
I am so furious at this point.
Invoice #[protected]
Order #2NYFNRCB $404.98 incl. delivery

Would love to give you copies of the emails but your site will not take document PDF's so I cannot give you the proof.

Faulty product
Faulty product

Two Products - TV and 8 in One USB C Adaptor — Broken Box which I turned back and send a picture without response and a faulty product for which no response has been given

Kogan Australia : Am a Kogan First Customer and have purchased many items from them; one thing that I notice recently is that customer care is almost non-existent.
I ordered a TV and got a broken box which I subsequently took a picture and did not accept a broken box; and immediately sent them an email to ask them to resend another good box.

No response came back from them.

Two days later, I received an 8 in one USB to LAN adapter which I received today, and in spite of testing the same thing on two machines, it gave the same issue. Seems like Kogan branded products are now getting very bad.

I want either a refund for the products or alternatively a working model and if the Kogan team can at least respond to customer complaints after they sent broken products to their customers. And we need a phone number to talk with a human being especially when their help desk website gives you a run around before you can even write to them about the issue at hand.

Disappointed to say the least.

Broken Box which I turned back and send a picture without response and a faulty product for which no response has been given

first membership

Hi, I've ordered Fitbit Versa2 through your website and by the time of the purchase it was automatically signed me up for Kogan first membership which I never wanted. I only realize this once my account got debited of $99 for the membership fees which I was shocked to see. I'm not happy with this unexpected payment and want my money back Kogan took out from account. If I don't get a positive outcome for this I will take this matter to the Ombudsman to get this resolved. When I did reserch on this I saw lot of reviews from other unhappy customers who experienced the same issue as me aand it was very shocking to see that a reputed online retailer like Kogan also misleading their customers. My wife was your regular customer which made me to have trust on you but don't think either me or my wife will be your customer anymore. I do appreciate if you resolve this matter as a priority and refund my money back to me as I can't afford to have unnecessary expenses at the moment. Thanks for your help and looking forward to a positive outcome.

unauthorized credit card charges for recharge for my plan which expires on 08/01/21.

My existing plan Expiry date is 06/02/2020 and your agent told me that I only need to pay AD155.00 for renewal. However, my ANZ Bank January 2020 Statement invoice printed a transation of $164.20 on 09/01/2020 by Kogan Mobile on VODAFO Syney. Therefore, refund $8.80 and change the expiry date to 06/02/2021 instead of 08/01/2021.

Meanwhile, I prefer to renew my plan via your agent instead of charge to my Bank Card directly.


Liew Kiew Hung

Phone Number: [protected]
email: [protected]

kogan atlas 10.1" 2-in-1 d400 touchscreen notebook

After 2 months using the product it turned off and didn't turn on again.

The customer service is very frustrating as I tried to contact them and they kept asking me to try to turn on even when I said before that it wasn't working. When they finally said they would send me another one they asked me to backup and delete the passwords in the device even though I had told before that it wasn't turning on. I mean... do they really pay attention to the complaints?

They said that I would have to send my default product back but they sent me an email saying that I would have to pay for the postage... Seriously????

I am extremely upset about the product and the customer service.

They don't have a phone number so we can call and solve everything quicker and we have to wait for, at least, one day to get a simple answer regarding the product and, most of the times, they don't even give you an answer that will help you to solve the problem.

everything thing breaks down straight after the warranty is over

I was told Kogans was a reputable company to buy from, well their products prove them wrong. I have purchased 5 items from them over a 2 year period, a kogan bread maker, 2 x fat free fryers, a set of digital scales and a set of cutting tools. The 3 electrical items broke down just after their warranty ran out (they told me I should have taken out extended warranty, which to me is poppycock, as if the item is good it should at least last longer than 1 year. (Are they purposely build like this as their way of getting more money). I am a disability pensioner and extra money is not in my budget. I buy on the belief of what their reviews tell me and I'm certain they only put up the good ones!"


I placed for gift cards on 20th dec 2019 and still now i haven't received my cards yet and i do get answers from the customer service that they called me and i didnt answer my call.. all wrong information given and excuses by kogan customer service person julienne.

made my baby unhappy and my new year and christmas.

[censored] kogan

all communication made by the service centre is wrong info.

re: order ycnn4qv8 - red wine feat

I have placed order for a case of wine through kogan on 18th Dec. for Christmas, because the website showed order would be dispatch in 1-2 business days. However, my order has been sent out from warehouse on 23rd Dec. I was ok to miss the wine before Christmas and expect it would be delivered before New Year. Kogan website showed delivery would be on 30th.

Yesterday I was waiting at my working place whole day, no one showed up and no one called. I tried many time to contact courier and phone is always engaged. Today is the last day of 2019 and my order is still not here. I have tried multiple times to contact Fastway which is the courier. The phone is still busy until 3pm and then auto reply told me they have closed (the website shows they are supposed to close at 5pm). I would like to put through complaint about the seller and the courier they choose.

I trusted kogan sells good products and also hope can provide good services. But based on my experience now, I don't feel confident to recommend kogan to anyone I know. Everything is too unsure. There is not direct way to get in touch with Kogan which makes disputed resolution process even more difficult, since there no direct contact phone number or link for complaint.

I have paid for a product that stated 9kg when it has arrived it is a 6.5kg dimension.


I purchased this dishwasher (Kogan 9kg Series 7 Front Load Washing Machine) assuming that i was getting a 9kg dishwasher which was an amazing. To find out that a 6.5kg washing machine has been delivered and can wash (9kg) of clothes. this is in-correct as my old washing machine is the exact dimensions of the new washing machine delivered (old washing machine is a 6.5kg)

So fair to say i am disappointed as i bought the 9kg so i could do less washes to find out it is the exact same size as my old washer.

I am not asking for a refund all i am asking is that if i have a 6.5kg washer that i want to pay for a 6.5kg washer.

so if you could please refund the dollar difference from your so called 9kg for a 6.5kg that would be much appreciated.

If this said 6.5kg i would have not bought it and would purchase one in store.

i look forward to your response.


Justin Griffin
30 steves way, coomera, qld 4209

urgent urgent urgent product has not arrived urgent

my order number is ECKFFAPG this was done on Afterpay, i still have not received it then i look online and it say's UV-A LED Electric Insect Killer Pest Zapper 16W1 x $39.99
Sold by and ships from Traderight
I have not asked to cancel this order it is a christmas gift and i want it.
This is the worst experience i have ever ever ever had on online shopping i have sent that many emails to ask what has happened and no response and i can not call Kogan Australian and they don't help on facebook page aswell. It is just to frustrating to order something and get no help for customer service. I won't be shopping with you ever again i like to know you can contact your company by phone not email as no one has even responded to mine and this was a Christmas gift i can not give now. So can you please cancel my order and cancel the payments on Afterpay. Never again not a happy customer at all.

website ordering and cancellations

Good afternoon

Im very displeased. I can see my order that was duplicated was cancelled
But, i never paid anything on this order
It was processed by after pay.

If this is cancelled and no funds paid why am i getting a credit
This duplicate Order should have disappeared off my afterpay list

Can i please confirm.
This has not dissappeared off adterpay
Id like to stay a return customer

order mdettv9d - return this order to

I had ordered shoes and jacket from (Order MDETTV9D) which was delivered on 26th Nov 2019. Both the items are small in size and I want to return them but I am not able to find any return option in my order summary on the portal. I tried contacting but no luck. Please help me with my order returns so I can return my items and get my money back.

smart watch active


I have been trying to get a return address for a smart watch I had purchased. I have sent numerous emails and receiving unhelpful responses, " why don't you want the watch" .
It has now been past the 14 days due to there delay in providing the return address details that I had be trying to obtain.

I'm absolutely so frustrated with the customer service team!

Please help me with providing the return address.

Can you please look into the email trail and provide the staff with some sort of training so no one else has to go through this!

I purchased 2 Smart watches

Tax Invoice
Invoice # [protected]
Invoice Date: 16 October 2019
Order Date: 15 October 2019



apple iphone 11 (256gb, green) - product # khip11256grn

I ordered from Dick Smith NZ's online website which is actually Kogan Australia, on the 26th September in what they called a "presale". My order was meant to be dispatched by the 15th October. The 15th came and went with no dispatch information so I contacted their only customer service option, an email service. They informed me they would check with the warehouse. I followed up twice over the next few days before I got an answer that there had been a delay and my iPhone order might not be dispatched for another two weeks. That "dispatched by" date too came and went and again I followed up only to be told more delay, and it would be dispatched by 3rd November. It is now the 3rd November and I am growingly increasingly frustrated that I paid well over $1000 over a month ago and keep receiving excuses for why my order is not being shipped to me. I even paid for shipping! This whole experience has really turned me off of purchasing from Kogan/Dick Smith ever again. And everyone I have conversed with about this has said they anecdotally were aware the company should be avoided. If only I had known better.

  • Ra
    RaymondChoong Nov 11, 2019

    Same here. Ordered 20Oct, promised 29Oct dispatch. Then 5 Nov and now 21Nov . Now not even responding to email. And no avenue for phone complaints . What kind of company is this? Frustrated.

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  • Ab
    Abowen Nov 11, 2019

    @RaymondChoong They’re waiting for you to ask for a refund because that lets them off the hook for their false promises. I don’t think they have any phones coming. It was a fake sale to draw interest to their site so people would buy other things.
    I find it unacceptable to have paid so much money and have them just sitting on it. I encourage you to take other recourse against them if you can, but otherwise maybe just ask for the refund and purchase from a legitimate seller. The small savings they claimed isnt worth the ridiculous wait imo

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unauthorised transactions

Kogan took out $99 for their "free annual delivery" even though I never signed up for it and have never made a purchase from them. Apparently it is not refundable. Please be aware of this and do not even look at their page. I am currently dealing with my bank and hope to do a charge back as I am not even sure how they got my account details. It is fraud.

[Resolved] customer service/support doesn’t exist.

617629 I need to return my last order. The item is not fit for my device . (I have done a wrong purchase and would like to return the item). Kogan website has a 14 days change of mind...

faulty demo apple iphone

This is the second time I have completed this form as I have not received any response the first time which was nearly one month ago.

Date of purchase: 16th September
Order number: BZKGCQW8
Product: Used Demo Apple Iphone 6S 64GB Phone - Space Grey

The phone is getting very hot during use and the battery life is very low. Once is has been fully charged the battery is only lasting for a max of 4-5 hrs after very little use.

We would like to request a refund please

faulty bed and no resolution on warranty return

Purchased a king single bed frame (Artiss King Single Size Wooden Bed Frame Mattress Base Timber Platform) for our spare room and less than two months later the bed slats, made of cheap pine snapped in two places! The bolts provided were too short and had to be screwed in several times to tighten after the first assembly. As this item is under warranty, I followed instructions via help desk and included photos of damaged item to which I received an emailed response 28 hours later.

The email advised that they would replace the damaged slats and beams from another stocked item (these would be the same flimsy pine slats and beams that broke and collapsed like balsa wood!). Notwithstanding, the bolts which are too short and two have snapped in half. I explained that this bed was unsafe and should not be sold. I have no choice in the matter but to either assemble it again with the flimsy beams (which will obviously break!) or accept that I will never get a refund and have to let it go. As a result I feel like I have been pushed into a corner with no resolution. I'm a single parent who cant afford to be buying two beds in two months! Bad form Kogan. Lesson learned the hard way!

faulty bed and no resolution on warranty return
faulty bed and no resolution on warranty return

Koganpoor customer service and products

First time I have ordered, and never again. I ordered two of the same product. They came in unoriginal packaging, where different brands/make, colour, and had different quality and features. I submitted a return request immediatlely which is taking 2 weeks of back and forth emails. Their customer service agents change on each email, and after providing multiple photos, order, and consigment numbers, they are now asking me to accept a measley $10 to save the hassle of returns. I dont want to keep the item as it does not fit what I ordered. Such a joke of a process and company. I will never order from here ever again.

kogan vacuum t7

I bought the T7 vacuum cleaner on the 11th of August 2019. After using it for a short while I noticed that after about 20 seconds the motor would slow down a bit and there would be less suction but when I turned it back on it would then go back to it original motor sound which has more suction and then slowly get weaker again.
This is with a fully charged battery with cleanee and washed filters.
I then tried to find the 'Boost" feature of the T7 but couldn't find that.

What should I do next as I am not satisfied that the vacuum I got is working as it should and is missing an advertised feature.

David Hallmann

  • Updated by i minabrons · Oct 10, 2019

    See original complaint. For some reason this box appeared but I am still at th first stage of submitting my problems.
    David Hallmann

samsung galaxy s8+ mobile - missing proof of purchase

617629 Kogan ref #7554554 I have sent x5 separate emails since 12th September 2019 requesting proof of purchase details for a Samsung mobile purchased in December 2018 & which has just...

55 cm smart tv.

I purchased a 55 cm an as rt tv from job a n in July developed lines on the screen last month that worsened and now no longer a disabled pensioner and a tv is a major purchase for previous tv was a Samsung and it worked perfectly for 6 years.this Kogan tv has lasted not much more than a few months over one year.i am very disappointed.i no longer have a tv for myself and my two kids who are special needs.our tv is our some source of entertainment and we used it for home school as we don't often go out due to my disabilty..I feel this product should have lasted way beyond the short time we had it .and I feel it didn't live up to what I was told..

kogan pulse and wellbeing smart watch

Order Confirmation number is KAP2WLBTRPA I received the watch about 3 days ago. I have had it on charge and nothing is happening. no activity on the face at all. what to do about replacing it?

I look forward to hearing from you today. I have been trying for 2 hours to get a phone number for you, and eventually did. and you DO NOT TAKE CALLS - GREAT SERVICE

Pam Holmes

Kogan.comsideboard buffet table; order number cj8tnlym

Hi there
Last week I placed order thru kogan sideboard buffet table. as per suppler instructions will receive order within two three days order number CJ8TNLYM.
Till today I did not receive my order. I don't know where is my goods which I already pay money.
Yesterday I recvdd a card under my door from toll delivery company even they don't when they will deliver. I don't think so you guys are able to deliver buffet table so I request you Pls return my money. I think I got scammed by your company.
Amit batta

sideboard buffet table; order number cj8tnlym


Hello I am extremely disappointed as I purchased a beer pong table through your website in July 2019 through Serrano Australia who has sent a refund to you and I haven't received the refund.

I would like this issue resolved within 5 business days from today.

I purchased the beer pong tabel throug your website in juky this year it was delivered to my address on the 2nd august 2019. There was damage to the beer pong table so i emailed serrano Australia who agreed to refund the product and sent a email to kogan to have the refund given to me back at the start of august I have all of the emails that have been sent to Kogan.

It is now september and i have still not heard anything from kogan or received my refund.

I would like a call back on [protected] and a email [protected]

telling me when i will be receiving my refund.

help request: khip7p256red

617629 Misleading customer I have been missleaded by warranty of my iphone purchase Apple genius bar won't cover as they mentioned my phone isn't purchase in Australia i provide that to...


So i have complained mths ago about a faulty product. Has taken weeks for. Them to reply. After the initial automated responce i heard nothing for weeks. After multible emails i finally got a reply to which they said they will ouck up tge tv. It has now been a few weeks with no reply. Id really like my refund. This company seams to run of the customer service of if i dont reply then nothi g will happen. Its been over four mths now and we just want our money back to get a tv that works. I will never purchase anything from this company again. Has been a horible experience

soniq 55” smart tv

On the 6/7/2019 we purchased the soniq 55" smart tv as advertised on your site ... we have now received the tv and set it up to find this tv is not a smart tv as shown on your app and not find out it's changed on your app to a 55" web casting tv ... this is not what we ordered when we placed owe order it showed as Soniq 55" smart tv ... and I'm very unhappy as this tv dose not have any smart options like ( Netflix or YouTube ) that smart tv s have so this tv is not useful in what we need and ordered
As you can see in both pics the tv I ordered is not the same as it was advertised and now you have changed what tv it is ...
My email address is [protected]
My name is mark pearson

soniq 55” smart tv
soniq 55” smart tv

blue ice microphone order no 9daa2bw7

I ordered a microphone on 22 June and Kogan took payment immediately. 10 days later they told me it wasn't in stock (still advertised on website) and will take up to 7 days to give a refund. The 'help' line [protected] is useless - no connection to a human - and their suggested help articles were irrelevant to me complaint. First and last time I'll use Kogan

oneplus 5

Bought phone just over 12months ago.
Returned phone at the 10month mark due to speaker issues.
Have asked to keep me updated, but after 6 weeks i sent an email whats going on, the reply was along the lines of 'just found the issue will need parts' they are in the process of issuing replacement. However, it has now been 2 weeks (normal dispatch time) and have been send no updates.
Still waiting for response as not sending updates until i specifically ask.
Have checked online and the phone is not 'out of stock 'and still no updates.

65in kogan tv

617629 I purchased the TV on 20th June and was delivered on the 22nd June. It was removed from the packaging as per instruction and when connected the screen was visibly cracked. There...

have not received order.

Ordered phone online around 16/5. Was sent to incorrect address and was returned to sender around 22/5 by australia post. Please re send phone. To correct address. Kogan order...

apple iphone 5s

My ticket number is 7382079. Multiple email interaction s have occurred including videos of fault and pictures of all barcodes and packaging. The phone will not charge and turns on and off whilst trying to charge. The lady emailing me is 'Dannah' she has now asked for evidence via screenshot that my details have been removed from the iPhone. I cannot even turn the thing on!!! I'm so frustrated and disappointed. I'm so afraid of losing my money. Please help? I am now getting no response from anyone and basically feel as if you are using a loop hole to get out of assisting me. I've contacted afterpay in attempt to stop any payment until this issue is resolved and now contacting ACL.

I have other videos and tried 3 cords and wall plugs including yours as supplied. I am also concerned these iPhons are not authentic

Thanks in advance if you can assist. It would be greatly appreciated.

Nicola Webb

apple iphone 5s
apple iphone 5s

samsung galaxy s8

I've bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 in December on DickSmith online. Phone echo to whoever I phone, reception is poor, internet and phone calls.
After almost 50 emails since first complaint, photos, images, invoices, four different reference numbers for the same problem.
Send phone back first time for repairs, after more than a month it was back, fixed absolutely nothing - what a lot of incompetent people!
Complaining again about the problem, after about two weeks I received another pre-paid post-office label.
After seven months, I'm still waiting for the crap from Kogan, in the meantime I was forced to repair my old phone ($200 - something that I tried to prevent by making a mistake to buy a phone from Kogan).
I paid for something that I can't use, because it is still at Kogan.

d300 touchscreen computer

I purchased this product October 2018, it has numerous faults, some keys do not work, cannot use except in Tablet Mode, it is very slow in almost all situations. It turns off without warning, The touch keys in tablet mode are very innacurate. ( e.g. Press "o" and "i " comes up sometimes! Takes very long time to connect to Internet. Have tried numerous Providers, no difference! Kogan Atlas 2-1 D300 Notebook.

transaction dispute

i have a overdraft of $511 on my bank account where payment for my TV has gone twice westpac say its pay-pal and pay-pal say its you but i cant get hold of you so what do i do Invoices for each item will be available after dispatch.
Tax Invoice
Invoice # [protected]
Invoice Date: 5 June 2019
Order # AEQ48RJU
Order Date: 5 June 2019
This invoice is a receipt of payment. Please keep this receipt for any warranty claims.
Delivery Address
Kathy Bolewski
29 trebbiano drive
Cessnock NSW 2325

Kogan Australia PTY LTD
ABN [protected]
Unit Price
Kogan 55" Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 MU8010)
Serial Number: KALED55MU8010SZBA3538
Shipping (Kogan Australia)
$547.99Total $49.82GST Included
Refer A Friend

unauthorised transaction fraud

FRAUD Unauthorised access to my account! Purchased 29/05/2019 - account name is rachel grosdanis and someone has an order pending in my accont, stole the money and used my kogan...

unable to 'submit a request' on their website

on the website you have no other way to contact them other than submitting a request no email no nothing. the form requires on areas be filled the problem is that one of the areas required doesnt have a text box meaning you cant fill it in, you can not submit anything i have tried to find a contact email it doesnt exist i want to strangle who ever went to school to code that piece of [censored] form a better explaination is that they dont have costumer service at all and hide it behind this [censored] form

  • So
    Solly001 May 29, 2019

    I had exactly the same frustrating experience.
    I finally got though to them on an address I had from an old complaint.


    [email protected]


    Give it a try, dunno if they can help but you might at least reach someone there

    I fear you are right that the form is functioning exactly as intended, as the recommended for an order complaint leads to a useless hyperlink

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  • So
    Solly001 May 29, 2019

    @Solly001 Um, I have no idea why the email I tried to offer has been hidden by the board automatically. I n the comment I just left I see brackets and the word pro-tected where I had typed a simple word of four letters beginning with 'h', ending with'p' and having 'el' in the middle.
    Not too helpful CB🧐

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Koganelectrical products

Paid $639.00 for Kogan 55" Agora Smart 4K LED TV (Series 9 MU9000) - Refurbished.
Will not work and trying to get in touch with KOGAN is fruitless. I see that out of 239 complaints listed here, only one has been resolved. This just not good enough