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I Purchased online a few weeks back from dick smith - 4 toy balls for my dog, the product has never been delivered and the money for the product has been paid.

Now an amount of $99 has been taken from my visa card without my knowledge and consent for a subscription that i never authorized. Now my account is overdrawn and other bills cant be paid - I contacted my credit union and they said they cant do anything about it - I have gone through my emails and NOWHERE can i contact anyone about this - How annoying now this has caused me so much stress, I cant afford to have this money come from my account - I want a full refund but don't know who to contact - can you please help

Many thanks Jo

email - [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund $99 asap

Tammy Kym
, US
Nov 07, 2023 5:40 am EST
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If you are in Australia, lodge your complaint with the ACCC. The more people complain the more likely they will look into their deceptive tactics and something will be done.

You'll need Kogans ABN [protected] to make the report.

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roy gorry
Oct 26, 2023 1:14 am EDT
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Hi my name is Roy these people need to be stopped taking money from peoples accounts with out telling them i called the com bank today and find they have removed from my ac 99.00 for member ship now i find that a friend of mine has had the same trouble of removing money from my friends ac as well.

i did not give them permission to do so now i am contacting the bank to let them know what is going on and get them to refund it back to my ac to me that is stealing and they need to be stopped.