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I checked out at K-Mart today in the afternoon and bought only one thing. The issue was the cashier seemed to have an attitude with me for no real reason. Just when I put the item on her counter she slammed it on the scanner, bagged it, then slammed her hand on the scanner when we were saying our goodbyes. She gave me a "sweet" smile that you could tell was overly sugared, like I did something horribly wrong to her before. As I was walking away, I noticed she didn't do anything of the sort with the people behind me, nor in front of me from before it was my turn.

I've shopped at this location multiple times in the last year and never had any problems except the last couple times I went to check out. The cashier at the time (different one, male, also young) gave me an odd vibe and I thought nothing of it, then today's cashier proved there's something going on and for some reason it involves me? I have no idea. I'll surely not shop at a store with passive aggressive employees, and though I do enjoy wandering around the store I do not think it's worth encountering people who simply may be mistaking me for somebody else for all I know. If it was simply to chase me out, well they succeeded. I never did anything there but shop peacefully. Not a very sound business practice, by the way.

Jan 29, 2017

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