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I went yesterday to buy some underwear for my daughter and I chose the hipsters size 6 pk/9 with 2 free. When I got them they were in a rack that had a sticker saying that the hipster pk/9 from price 7.49 to $10.49 were on sale at $7.49. All of the packages that were in the rack were packages o 9 with 2 free. When I went to pay for them it says $10.49 and when I complained the cashier told me he had to call the manager because this pk was 11 panties and not 9! I went ahead and brought him the sticker and told him that in the rack they were only the 9 plus two free and he called the manager but the manager refused to apply the discount. I went ahead and pay the regular price but I still think that if you have a sale on the underwear pk/9 and don't have available that packaging because the manufacturer decided to give 2 free you should give the discount to that package. I feel that kmart didn't respect Puerto Rico's consumer law.

Kmart Stores

Mar 25, 2016

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