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Kmart / management

1 CA, United States

Alright, so I actually work at a Kmart store. When I first started working there, everything was all fine and dandy and pretty great if I do say so myself. But then some stuff happened with management and we got a new manager. Since then, lots of wrongs have been going on; managers texting associates from non work phones, managers going off on associates over minimal stuff, and lack of communication between everyone!

On my half of it, I was hearing from almost every associate in the store that I was getting in trouble and demoted but no one knew why. A month after hearing this from almost every single person, management finally gather the courage to tell me their selves. The reason why I'm getting in trouble/demoted you ask? Their lack of communication. I got told one thing that needed to be done by the assistant manager who was told strict details by the store manager. I in turn was given very minimal details, hardly any at all, and then got yelled and told I wasnt allowed to go home until I figured out what else I could possibly do. I was also told that I was going to be helped by the assistant manager who in turn walked right by me at least two times, looked at me and just walked on by. So even though i spoke directly to the manager the following day, I am still getting demoted over their lack of skill to actually talk and tell people what they want/need.

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