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Major problem with the toilet paper. We have lived in our home a few years and never had a problem with our plumbing system. We switched to this brand in December of 2016 and almost immediately had problems with clogging. This led to two major backups in our system (We are on municipal sewer.) We were able to snake the outfall pipe ourselves the first time, but the most recent clog (1/19/2017) completely flooded our downstairs with sewage. Carpet and office soaked with backed up sewage. Looked like a horror movie. This took many hours of cleaning, caused me to be unable to work for the day, and also cost over $700 in carpet damage and plumber fees. We still are not done with these fees. The plumber checked our outfall line and stated there was no problems with it. My wife asked if it could be the toilet paper and he said " Not unless it's the Costco brand" He said he has seen many homes having problems once they switch to this TP as it doesn't break down properly. We have called to complain to Costco (reference # ML 4737935) and expect a full refund of all our damages. I can provide photos and receipts if needed. customer # [protected]

Jan 20, 2017

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