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deceptive coupon printing

On Wednesday, January 19, 2011 we did some shopping at the Lakewood COSTCO store. Among our grocery list wa...

never get your item and crappy customer service

Do not buy anything online form costco! They use third party vendors and then do not follow up. Over a month after my husband ordered a wine fridge for a christmas present for me we still had heard nothng. After doing a lot of legwork ourselves and then spending 40 mins on hold and trying to deal with a super lame customer service person this is what we got: fridge was dmaged and sent back by cargo carrier (Who knows if we ever would have been notified as that was 4 weeks before we called) they had not "processed the return". They could place a brand new order but it was a min of 10 business days and they could not guarantee that item would be ok but they would refund it if it was not. Lovely. Barely an apology. Instead it was basically our fault for ordering - here are some quotes:“well – these things happen”, “we cannot guarantee shipment when it is a 3rd party”, “we don’t control their cargo carrier” etc. Practically blamed us for buying it and kept going on about it being from new york and “well, I need to understand this was being shipped across the country so this could happen again”. She told me the best they could do is estimate 10 business days and they could only find out if any discount would be offered after we received the item. Beyond ridiculous. I pointed out that none of this information about the obvious risk she was refrring to about where it was being shipped form, 3rd party etc as pon their site when you ordered the item and the consumer just thought they were ordering from costco. "well we will refund any item you are not satisfied with though". Great. How about working on satisfying the customer in the 1st place!!!

  • Br
    Bry Lo Jan 14, 2011

    Stealth Pilot, you stated that “every retailer has 30 days to deliver your product by law.” The original post never mentioned which state this transaction took place in. Therefore, I can only assume that you are making reference to a federal law. Which federal statute states that “every retailer has 30 days to deliver your product by law?” Please provide an appropriate citation otherwise stop playing armchair lawyer. It’s people like you that cause folks to represent themselves pro se and get skewered.

    Regardless, are you an attorney? If not, do you realize that the unlicensed practice of law may be a criminal offense? Do you realize that providing incorrect legal advice may well bring about lawsuits against your person?

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manager /personal comlaint

I want to file a complaint against a manager at this location, she is a filipino femail, I was humiliated she...

new rotation method a falacy

On the subject of the gentleman from Glendale, who had poor service from Mr. Lopez, I just think the whole...

poor packaging for transport

Ordered a laptop from Costco on line. Unit sent in oversized box (at least 4 times unit volume) with virtually no packing allowing the unit to freely move around in box. When asking for replacement I was advised they no longer offered the laptop and suggested turning it in for rebate. Item was intended as a gift and am now without at this late date. Also it took an additional email to arouse them into responding to my request. I shall never purchase an item from Costco on line, recognizing the manner in which they handle their products and terse servicing.

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ebt discrimination

I went to Costco on December 10, 2010 and utilized my EBT card. I share a household with my adult relative...

costco tires

Bad customer service at Costco Tires in San Juan Capistrano? Yes, definitely. I had purchased tires there and needed them to rebalance a flat I had. The tires manager had an attitude and it got worse. An hour later I complained to a manager Lianne, which went with me to talk to the guy (Ian?) He excused himself telling her that etc, etc, ...Well, another half hour and nothing happens, so I ask for my keys and then suddenly they are free to do it at that moment !?! (they were two to three guys working on one tire?)Maybe it is better when you buy the tires, but when it is a warranty situation NO GO!

checking out of the door.

I Spent $ 345.00 at San Leandro costco. I like shopping at Costco. After I bought my stuff there was a chinese lady in front of me the lady who is supposed to check to see your receipts just put a line across her receipt but when it came time to check mine stuff her went through very thing is this justice it is not. If I am shopping there everyone should be treated the same. She never checked the other person's stuff. I am very upset. the time was 4:30pm. I am Indian.


i use to work for this company i had applied again after 8 yrs
i call them to get updates of seasonal work of 3 locations
i do have another job however after taxes etc not enough for home coming
plus i want to retire and work for them w/o any hassle from current employer
i'm 56 yrs old and they want 20 yr old
corp hq say we do not discriminate..but guess again
these people lie and avoid issues the assist mgr could have told me their that we have nothing for the hrs i ask for instead saying we are working on it
today i called and they called back and said i got a dear john letter

terrible customer service

Sequim costco customer service works like a "club" - if they recognize you as being rich or one of their buddies they refund you anything even without a receipt! If you don't fall in that class, you are subject to racial descrimination, sarcasm and ridicule. Costco cares only about money, they could care less about "just being human" - corporate managers do nothing, zero, to help, unless again if you are rich! Sad that a company like this is allowed to stay in business - washington state needs an ombudsman to keep bad companies like costco in check! They spend millions to try to buy an election that allows them to profit even more selling hard liquor but care zero about "the little guy"

  • Pa
    Paulina Cruz Nov 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree! Always the very same people that hate their jobs at the customer service desk, they help you only if they recognize you as one of their cronies... COSTCO COULD CARE LESS if they lose a few memberships from people that don't shop too much, they pretty much want only Fat Cats as members.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all, you are a total ### for responding to your own post. Second of all, since you have no facts backing up your claims, I am going to assume you are full of it.

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2% rebate check

I had been long time Costco Executive Business member, but for last three years, Costco's 2% check never comes on time. Every time you call they give you run abouts.

for last 6 weeks been calling them, but no response. Went to the Costco Store on manchester road, St.Louis county informed member services, manager on duty NO response.

Today spoke with Mr.Dough Summers, Manager at Costco after run abouts with member services on phone for over 49 minutes. Their supervisor on duty Mr.Travis was most un professional guy, inconsistent with Costco's reputation.

Bottomline, rebate check for 2% is still missing? They have no response, or remedy and expect customers to keep calling them. This is going for atleast for last three years, every year keep calling for check.

Hope BBB, Attorney General's in various states look into this scam. Personally, it's most unrewarding experience to waste time following up for 2% check with those unprofessional persons. is it worth all the time and effort???

Anyone with similar experience ???

e shield insulation

Costco is currently promoting a product called E Shield that is installed by K-Designers that is guarnteed to...

employee manner

After checking out all my groceries at the cashier and since I handed out my husband's card, they cashier woman has no hospitality at all in approching the customer by telling me that I supppose to get my husband by the cashier since it was his card. Another supervisor approched had no different with that woman at the cashier. Is this the way Costco aproaching the customer, only in rough way?
Then from the day on I will spend my groceries money at BJ's instead.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't understand how they were doing anything wrong. They told you company policy. Did they say something specific?

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wouldn' let me make a purchase!

I'm 17 years old and I had my eyes on a certain item from Costco for my parents for Christmas. This item...

membership policy

For years I have been purchasing products for my work, on my personal Costco card. I have the Executive Membership so I get rewards, and I share with my card with my mom. I usually ask for two receipts so I can get reimbursed at work.

A few weeks ago, I was told that I cannot do this anymore, it is against Corporate Policy to give two receipts, and they made a really big deal about it. I said I would just go through the line twice, and be done with it. They said they would do it for me "this time" but it would be the last. I said, fine, next time I need two receipts I will just go through twice.

Tonight when I went to Costco, there was a hold on my account. I had to be taken aside and told about the policy again. Give me a break!! How ridiculous can you be Costco. We have a membership at my work, so it is not like I am using the membership and your not getting the money. I have my executive membership - which is 100.00 and a work Membership - which is another 50.00 - We spend literally 2, 000 - 5, 000.00 per year at your stores, some years more...and your going to stop me and scold me about wanting two receipts occasionally!! How ridiculous can you be...I am not stealing from you, and I don't appreciate being treated like a thief and a child.

Unfortunately, you do have good prices and products, so I will still shop at your store, HOWEVER, I will do my best to get as much as possible from Cash & Carry, and local stores - I am really tired of your "policies"!!

  • Ye
    Yeelee Sep 23, 2010

    I had the same experience. I told the cashier I wanted a copy of a reciept and she said she can't do that anymore so I asked her why and she said it's their policy and they were told to do that from the company. I didn't make any big deal out of it and said okay because I respect store policies. I think it's all perspective. There are definitely other ways to work it out to get a copy of a reciept. Customers think that they can get what they want by complaining. Complaining doesn't get you around but it just makes yourself and people around you unhappy.

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  • Un
    unhappycostcoexpatron Dec 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went there today during my lunch hour and during the Christmas rush. I have had a card from work for months and have never been questioned about it before but today in a hurry the guy refused to let me use the card because it has a co-worker's name on tjhe back. Funny thing is that I have used it many times at this same store and today in the middle of a real rush the jack hole decides I can't use the card. I will never go back to the Eugene Costco again. I think they should have one policy and stick to it not allow 2 receipts one day then change the next or allow someone to repeatedly use a card they have been given at work to all of a sudden deny a purchase. They are very rude there and inconsistent. It I were you I would not shop there.

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card fraud

They send you inserts in the bill whereby you pay a nominal shipping fee and you get an item shipped you as a reward.

I got charged for a Food and Wine magazine for $36.00. The way this fraud works is - they charge this amount knowing most people won't detect the charge or ask for a refund. I am suprised that a well known company like Costco is a party to this.

Small print: There may be some small print in the material I got in the m ail that may show that is consumer at fault. This complaint may not pertain to Costco - rather American Express or some third party.

never received my rebate

I upgraded a cell phone at Costco and received a form for a $50 rebate to be sent inti Stuart Lee Rebates. I...

bad business relationships

We subscribed merchant service from Costco for our business because we like Costco and we buy everything from Costco.

At the beginning, the Merchant Service is called Nova, later it changed to Elavon. This Elavon is so lousy, they will do everything to rip off their customers.

See my other complaint ~ http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/inappropriate-charges-c364838.html

We really don't think a reputable company such as Costco should have any business relationship with a lousy company like Elavon.

bad business relationships

  • Co
    Cool Kat Mar 04, 2011

    I am not happy with this company either. I thought that the credit card laws were that banks can only charge fees on the same day each month. This month the fees were taken out a day earlier than they ever have in the past and my bank charged me a $35.00 fee. When I called Elavon, whom I pay well over $1000.00 every month for fees why this happened, they said that it was the banks fault; that they submit the fees on the same day very month. Then, they told me that the day they withdraw the fees is in my contract. I have been dealing with Costco for about 15 years. When I asked them to fax over a copy of the contract, they said that they could not do it. This is the first time in 15 years I asked them to help me out with one fee; even if it was for a courtesy and they would not.

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refused to replace defective merchandise

Optical department refused to replace glass that fractured all along the stress points of the frame and...

organic whole milk contains fish oil

I have been purchasing Organic milk from Costco from last 3 years. Last week i brought oragnic milk and i...

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