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Kia Picanto / bad service

1 Philippines Review updated:

This is to formally file a complain regarding the Service Warranty of Kia Motors Phillippines, gorordo branch Cebu City. Last Feb 2013 we informed Kia Motors regarding the issue on car speed gauge system. It would go up and down not functioning properly. When running the car regardless of speed, the automatic break system will suddenly engage. One time i was driving trying to overtake a vehicle, the no matter how hard i step on the gas the break system won't speed up the car. Good thing the approaching car slowed down. This problem is a high risk to accident yet complaint was not treated with urgency. In fact, no proper action has been taken.
Several times the car was endorsed to Kia Service center yet the in-charge catering the issue kept promising parts arrival which never arrived until now. Four (4) months had passed we are getting the same answer - part have not arrived and maybe this week it'll be available. Every time I've asked ETA of parts I'm always given the answer maybe and again promised. One time, i had to wait whole day waiting for the car to be repaired with no sleep just to ensure it was serviced properly. Personnel in-charge informed us that a certain parts has been replaced yet the real problem was not fixed. As a service center, any customer will be under the impression that it's reliable, dependable and ensure customer satisfaction. All we've got is promises, disappointment and unsatisfactory service. One time we spoke to Warranty Head of Kia Philippines Gorordo Branch Cebu City - Viol P. Inahid stating that he will personally oversee and ensure car get fix yet still nothing happened.
Last June 11, 2013 I've called the service service asking them to notify me as to the progress of parts availability yet no call follow up or sms was even sent out.Today June 14, 2013 i called the office again 2 days after, asking to speak to the warranty head but never passed on and place the call on hold for more than 10mins the call was suddenly dropped. I've been a good payer and absolutely disappointment of the kind of service kia can provide. Ordering the parts and not knowing the exact date of arrival is unacceptable especially when parts is ordered months ago as stated by warranty personnel - Clothy.
This bad service cause a great deal of inconvenience to my end. It absolutely defeat it's purpose for i end up borrowing or taking taxi cab which cause me a great deal.

Jun 13, 2013
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  • Rm
      11th of Jul, 2013
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    I also have a Picanto with 24, 000 miles on it. The car started running poorly and power brakes failed. I took it to the Kia Dealership where it was purchased. They already knew of the problem, as many Picanto's had the same issue. It turned out to be a manufacturing defect involving the crankshaft timing gear and nut. The dealership (Kia of San Fernando) replaced the items, which failed again within a week. Now I will have to replace the crankshaft, all the timing gears, belt, tensioner, pulley and nut. So far have spent 84, 000p or $2000+ for this manufacturing defect.
    Kia accepts no responsibility. I personally feel that Kia imports should be halted until they realize that selling junk they refuse to service is NOT acceptable anywhere in the world!

  • Pi
      19th of Sep, 2013
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    kiapicantodefect06 wrote:

    gtd2000 thanks for starting this thread you have helped many. Please add my car to the list...

    Kia Picanto 06 1.0 48000 miles on clock

    Engine light comes on then the car starts juddering in low gears. Last time this happened we heard a clonking noise from under the bonnet and burning smell.
    The AA checked the car with the diagnostic tool stating it misfired in 3 cylinders. And said the crank pulley was a little wobbley. Also noticed the car doesn't have as much power at time traveling up hills. Currently at the Kia garage for the 1st time (hopefully last) after their diagnostic check Kia have said the car is showing no faults. Of course this is incorrect so will insist they check the torque settings as has been advised previously on this forum. I have read this forum completely but any further advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

    It beggars belief that checking the pulley bolt torque isn't the number one check by the dealer when this type of scenario raises it's head.

    Assuming the AA chap was correct, the reason you don't have any power going up hills is because the loose pulley is completely throwing out your engine timing.

    We had exactly the same problem with ours - you could only crawl up a hill at 5MPH - and that's after the dealer said/verified there was nothing wrong with the CPB!!!

    In life it's always about getting the correct person when you have a problem, as is demonstrated by this thread.

    There may well be "no faults" stored in the ECU but that's normally only for fixed emissions/ignition type problems and not something like a loose bolt on a crankshaft pulley.

  • Pi
      19th of Sep, 2013
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  • Rm
      20th of Sep, 2013
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    Just wanted to add a small note about the crankshaft and pully. As the nut loosens the pulley also loosens. Behind the pulley is the timing gear sprocket, which is also loose via the crankshaft nut. The sprocket then rocks back and forth on he crankshaft, ruining both it and the crank. Here is where I want emphasize the C*** materials used in this car. This sprocket isn't even made of metal yet it wears out the crankshaft. In 40 years of being a Dealership Line Mechanic never heard of such a thing? Picanto is made of PURE junk! What?.. Wonder what material the crank is made of? Me tOO!! Ha Ha

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