KIA Motorskia sportage

Dear sirs,

My name is Paula Monica Ivelino and I write you this letter because I am desperate about my Kia Sportage that I bought in the end of December 2015 in Portimão, Portugal.

After a period of 3 months I encountered some strange sounds inside the car that had nothing to do with normal noise that a car produces during driving it.

Of course I went to the dealer and they made quality controls to encounter the noise and to resolve this irritating defect.

However, after one year and more or less 10 appointments in the garage I still suffer from unacceptable noises the car produces and it seems that Kia is not able to let me enjoy a car that offers comfortable kilometers.

I am very disappointed that it seems impossible to offer me a comfortable car which I thought the Kia Sportage is, and therefore I did a big investment.

I am curious to know your point of view and what you like to do as a proposal.
For me the only solution will be to substitute this car for a new one to have the possibility to forget a difficult year in which I suffered from noises that take away the pleasure I expected from this Kia Sportage.

With compliments,

Jan 23, 2017

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