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To whom it may concern,
Ps: production head, procuments, parts & accessory department.

I was not be able to drive my car for more than 1 month for which I'm serving loan interest, insurance and road tax for the negligence and INCOMPETENCE from your SIDE!.

Im facing same problem twice where my car water pump is faulty within 6 mths despite I changed completely new using KIA warranty claim. However, this time it has affected my engine cylinder bush/casket or whatever you call it which make unanimous sounds in the engine and makes the engine ignition to stop by itself.

Whenever I try starting my car, I'm hearing some weird old lorry or truck ignition sound or far worse than that. Inspite all this spooky stuff, I tried driving the car on the road with the consent from the mechanic at my Kia service center MPV dolomite which made my car to stop by itself at the middle of a traffic jammed road.
Since then, I stop taking my car and spending RM hundreds for my taxi and grab per day.

I been following up the mpv car service dolomite batu caves since more than a month for a solution but they claim the parts department from Kia didn't send the parts. So, I called the Kia careline and speak to a customer service officer name sabri hadri and asking for my parts status, he is telling me 'TBA'. I mean what the hell is 'TBA'? I'm your customer and you giving me that kind of abbreviation which defined as "To Be Announce" it seems.
He, Hadri whom I called last friday which is 23rd Nov 2018 promise to call me back yest 27th nov 2018 failed to do and when i asked him, why didn't you call me yesterday, he claim that he is on off duty but what about today? He is not giving a [censored] on my case and the urgency that I have. By irresponsible way telling me that my parts got no update and it is 'TBA'. I ask him to pass the call to his superior so that I can get some convincing/fruitfull answer but he refuse to do so by saying he has got no authority to do so. Come on, what the hell is happening with KIA!, i can't reach out to speak to his Supervisor, manager or whoever from Naza except for him mr. Hadri. By the way, Kia Malaysia is not direct onwed by Korean international Automotive manufacturer but malaysia. Owner NAZA. hmmm, if I knew it earlier, I wouldn't have regretted now by knowing I bought a "wolf in the cloth of sheep".

So, my car and its condition is deeply uncertain, but im paying for whatever that I been obliged too pay.

My request now is very staight and simple, to get an answer from NaZA or KIA on when i can get my parts and when can I repair my car? . I can't even think about selling this car due to its condition.Anyway, please reply to my email earliest by tomorrow otherwise, I need to narrate my story to media bloggers, [protected]@naza facebook page, honda and toyota fb, IG page, and many more other pages. Im quite good in social and SEO paid marketing too.

Just tell me when I can get my parts. As easy as that. Below is my car number, check my order number with that!


Kia deceived Naza car user.
(from: malaysia)

Nov 28, 2018

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