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Hello this me mr tarek mechouma from algeria, I have requested kia pucanto from your distributor in algeria called sarl gloviz located in batna town the number of the purchase order is : glo/18/07/024620 date : 28/07/2018

I did a command at the sarl gloviz algerian kia distributor and I was mentioned in the po that the delivery will be within 45 days, however I waited until the end of december and I paid total amount in december based on their engagement to deliver me the car in three days, it was not the case unfortunatelly each time I call them they give me stupid execuses which I believed at the begining but I realized that they were neglecting and ignoring me in the meantime I realized that my car has been given to another client however my request is an old one and they changed my serial number of my car in the system as to be delivered in another four months

I really chocked if kia which we knew became like that? I wonder if kia headquarter office and top management are aware about such none professional behavour which make kia name and reputation in dangerous from the client side

I called complaining number of sarl gloviz many times they didn't respond
I called complaining number of gloviz distribution complaining number they didnt respond
I called the group hunday kia they respond but no efficient actions

It was really a bad decision I took to deal with your distributor sarl gloviz in algeria and I would like to still believing that kia it is not sarl gloviz

Best regards
Mechouma tarek

KIA Motors Corporation

Feb 7, 2019

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