KIA Motors Corporation / 2015 kia optima

United States

I received a Product Improvement Campaign letter from KIA in late August 2018. I contacted KIA to find out what exactly I needed to do which they told me to contact the dealership so I could schedule an appointment for them to update the software on my engine. I explained to the person on the phone that I had already replaced my engine and were they reimbursing...I was told yes and to send in my receipts for the replacement which I did the next day and I called to verify they had been received. A month later I get an email from Felina Chandler requesting the documentation again. I resent it under Case #[protected]. When I called her about the maintenance records to let her know that I had recently moved and had gotten rid of them she was extremely rude and said that she had to have them. That was October 2, 2018-I emailed her yesterday 10/21/2018 to find out the status of the case and received an email back from her stating the claim had been denied because the vehicle had not been maintained. The car had 30, 000 on it when the engine blew; the very nature of the issue with these engine is that the metal flakes that create the sludge in the engine make it appear like it has not been maintained.
This entire experience from the time my engine blew up until today has been a nightmare and this person did not have the decency to contact me. I have all of my receipts that were sent to her if you wish for me to send them to you.
When I spoke initially to the person at KIA I was under the impression that KIA was trying to make things right for the consumers that were affected by this but today I feel like I did over a year ago that KIA knew they had problems with these engines and basically blamed the consumer. It has opened up an extremely stressful time and threw it right back in my face. Honestly why would you make us go to the trouble of providing the invoices and receipts if the answer was going to be the same as it was the day the engine blew. It is a horrible way to treat people.

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