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KIA / frustrated

3 Buffalo, NY, United States

Since then I have had nothing but aggravation on the following issues. I live 23 miles from the dealer. I have a dealership on the corner of my street but Transitown gave me the best deal.

* After I purchased the car I called the Finance Company for KIA to be sure they knew I turned in my car. Upon asking they told me I was able to take my car starter out of the car. I called the dealership and was told they would install a new one for $299. I told them I wanted my original starter and they said they were going to charge me $150 to remove it from the car. I spoke to the Smart Car department at Northtown KIA in Amherst, NY and told them my issue. They said they charge $75 to remove a starter. However, my car was at Transitown (where I purchased). When I contacted them again they said they were going to charge me $200 to take it out ( it went from $150 to $200). Because of that it cost me an additional $120 that I would have saved if I used my original starter. Northtown was going to charge me $79 to uninstall and $129 to install my original. Instead, I had to buy a new starter for $330.

* They did not have the second key to the vehicle. They asked me to come back and have the (locksmith) make me a key...yes, a locksmith. He had already left when I arrived, on time. I made another appointment to come back only to find the locksmith could not make a key and they would need to order it. Three months later after numerous trips they have my key. I made an appointment for 11:40 to have it calibrated. They said it could take up to 30 minutes which I was happy with. I arrived and was told it would be 2 hours or more. They were very busy. If I knew that was the case I would have made other plans. I have been inconvenienced enough with multiple trips to dealer all resulting in frustration.

I do not want to go back to that dealer, however, due to their losing the key I was told they had to be the ones to recalibrate or it would cost $130 at another dealer.

What I would like to do is go to another dealer and have it paid for by KIA. I do not want to deal with Transitown. With everything that has gone on I don't want to have to go back to that dealer and I am sure they don't want to see me. I believe this was just an issue that snowballed and an isolated incident. Everyone there was very nice and helpful.. My salesman followed -up regularly. There was only so much they could do.

Right now my car is at Northtown KIA to locate the problem why my engine light has been on since before I hit 50 miles.

What I would like is for KIA to pay to have it calibrated at Northtown KIA. It was not my error and I do not want to be inconvenienced any longer over it, I just want my key.

I know your company, like most, strive for customer satisfaction. I don't have a good thing to say right now. I love my KIA. There is not another car, at the same price point, that I would choose besides it. But after all is said and done I don't believe I will be feeling the same.

Jan 23, 2019

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