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I Bev Seaward Roussou rented a vehicle with Discount on the day of 01/13/2015 r.a. [protected]. Being with a handicap pass and having no spare in vehicle driving home January 18, 2015 from Calgary and turning left from 566 and something was wrong and stopped and sure enough there was a flat tire. Having to call a tow truck to get the kia car to be pick up to be taking back to the dealership in Calgary and me left walking, but the tow truck was kind enough to take me to my home for a charge of 75.00 and then leaving my belongings in the kia car and having to have someone take to the tow truck residesidence has cost me km and gas as well. This has become a night mare. I have become a victim of another incident of a accident. Who is going to cover my cost considering I had road side assistance and full coverage on my insurance. Being told there is no spare due to save cost of less gas where is the safety of the driver and the passenger!!! With heart issues, diabetic, sever sleep apnea, and asthma. I also have a bill of 75.00 to the tow truck to get home and the stress of get my cousin to the airport the next day. I also had missed my pills for the evening due to the fact I wasn't at home to take them.

Kia/ Discount car rental

Jan 25, 2015
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  • Mk
      Jan 28, 2015

    Not sure if you know this but new cars do not all come with spare tires...

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  • Be
      Jan 28, 2015

    I have not once bought a car from a dealership from a car rental that hasn't had a spare tire in the car. Your car rental is all about the safety of your customers getting from point a to b not being on the road for two hours waiting for a tow truck and spending another 75.00 dollars to get home. When doing a walk through before renting the car there was a black scuffed mark buy the passenger tire that ended up flat. When it was driving fine on highway 566 with no pot holes because the road was paved in the summer. Then hearing that the mirror was damaged after being dropped off when having a witness in the car. When I left that car it in tacked with nothing wrong with it except a flat tire. I left the hazards lights on. I missed my pills that night, barely any sleep, and had my cousin that needed to get to the airport the next day to get to work not a good a experience.

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