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I bought my car on 6/10/08. I drove it home and later that night I went to leave and the car wouldn't start, it sounded like it was trying to turn over and wouldn't. Before I left the dealership they said the car went through a carfax and a 181pt inspection and everything was checked out on the car. I went to pick up my parents the next day to take the car back and it died on me twice on the interstate. We noticed that it was leaking oil and it had an oil trail all the way up the driveway. The service guy confirmed that it was oil and they wanted to keep the car to figure out what was wrong. They said that there was something wrong with the thermistat and they replaced a $25 part on it. They called me to come pick it up and when we got there it was sill leaking, but this time it looked like anti-freeze. They came out and looked at it and one of the guys said that he hoped it wasn't the head gasket.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVI went back on 6/13/08 to ask for my money back on the car and they refused to give it to me. They said nothing was wrong with the car. I believe that they're trying to screw me over because I'm a woman. The car hasn't held up to the 181pt inspection that they said it passed. I'm really concerned that there is something seriously wrong with the engine and I think the car is going to die. I asked them to show me all the paperwork on the car showing what they serviced before putting it on the lot and everything that they replaced. The manager couldn't show me any of the paperwork. When I went back to look at the car I noticed that the bumper was hanging down in front and there was a big scratch on the left end of the car. Both of these blemishes was not on the car when I bought it, so I want to know where they came from. I just want my money back for the car since I don't think I got what I paid for and what they said I was getting.

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  • Tr
      Oct 12, 2009
    KIA - scammed
    United States

    I went to purchase a vehicle on 09/03/07 from this car dealer ship, I spoke with a young man I told him what I wanted my payments to be and how much I had for a down payment. I had looked at a specific vehicle but they told me I had "light" credit so they had another vehicle and I could get this vehicle for 8/9 months and switch vehicles. So I agreed to get this vehicle I took the vehicle home, before I took the car home I was told I needed to pay my payments at any chase .I was also was told to lie on the interview the bank gives. And when the bank called the dealer. The dealer called me and said that I had to put more money down after I already had the car. I told the dealer could I get my deposit back cause I did not have any more money.

    And the dealer told me I could not get my money back. Then I received a call from the dealer after that to say chase would not be financing me. Now I have a vehicle no bank to pay but the dealership says the car is mine and the title is still in their name and I have no plates for the cr and the owner of the dealership said continue to drive with those plates and if you get stopped we will pay for the tickets and we will try to get you financed from someone else.

    So I am stuck with a car that I am not financed for and can't drive!

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  • J1
      Feb 14, 2011

    Purchased a KIA brand factory approved front protector(bra). After 6 months the material is coming apart. I was lead to believe the item had a 1 year warranty. Niether the dealer or KIA will honor their warranty.

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  • Lo
      Mar 19, 2011
    KIA - bad experience poor customer service
    Loman Ford
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I purchased a beand new 2017 Kis Sportage on 1/14/2017. Loman Ford paid off my existing car, Ford Mustang. 30 days after the transaction I received my monthly statement from Ford for the Mustang. Upon contacting them I was notified that Loman never paid the car off. When I contacted Loman Ford they apologized and sent out a check immediately. Several days later I was contacted by Ford, the check had bounced. I made numerous calls to Loman Ford with no return calls until I threatened to show up there and inform customers of what has happened. A check was finally overnighted to Ford. GThe following week I dropped off the title to the Mustang that I received in the mail. The following day (today) I have a malfunction light lit in my car and have been waiting for someone to call me back since all employees are in a meeting..

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  • Sh
      Jun 01, 2011
    KIA - warranty
    Saint Joseph
    United States

    I have a 2017 KIA Sorento and have had the same part go out twice. I bought the car new and can't believe that the same part goes out every 30, 000 + miles. The ESC Off light displays and I lose engine power/acceleration. Looks to be a common problem and I think KIA should pay for the part. I called your customer service only to be told that I am out of warranty (69, 000) even though the part doesn't even have 32, 000 miles on it. I wanted to speak to the district manager only to be told that he doesn't speak to the public. Last I knew I was your customer, now that something is wrong I am the general public. If this is what KIA is all about, I made a terrible decision of purchasing a KIA in the first place.

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  • Mm
      Apr 21, 2014
    KIA - delivery problem

    this is the second letter sent on March 18...

    Thank you for your quick response, I have been contacted by your
    representative in Iran on March first. I have explained my situation
    to them and still waiting for an answer.

    I would like to elucidate this annoying situation that I am in to you;
    Since 21/11/2017 I have subscribed and paid cash (639.258.000RLS.) for
    a Cerato 2017 model 2017 to be delivered on 19/02/2017 the only unpaid
    part was the %5 taxes; three months and 10 days later (29/02/2017)
    not only I did not have my car but I have been asked to pay another
    (420.000.000Rls.) + %5 taxes in order to get my car. Their explanation
    to such action was that the exchange rate has gone up since then.

    It was unclear to me as of why I should pay the profit on my
    investment to them if so I must charge them the interest and the
    profit on my money for the past 16 months.
    I took my case to the court and won the case as they had the option to
    protest they took it so that they can buy some time.

    I am a retired employee and this money was the result of 30 years of
    my hard work. It is hard for me to assume such huge failure in my

    I am asking you to intervene and integrate your representative here so
    that we could end this matter here and now. This cannot be the policy
    of a respectful company such as kia which I was proud to have a car

    Sincerely yours,
    M. Mehditabar

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  • Tr
      May 31, 2015
    KIA - sorrento car

    MY Car does not run properly since more than 3 years... I bought it new full options in a garage ... In Luxembourg.Kia Bruxel is responsible for organizing an exchange of My car as they decided To stop the search of the problem. that s what They told My garage but i can not get any of thèm on the phone In Bruxel ... I am still waiting since 6 months for News... They were anyway vers slow by trying to fix my problem...

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