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Yesterday, I visited the KFC on the Strand to order some flake ice cream comes that I waited twenty minutes for since they ran out of ice cream and there were three or four orders before mine..

The staff member taking the order was friendly. A child asked how she was and made her smile because of his kindness. He actually turned back to ask her avout her well being and to wish her a good day further.

They appeared to be run off their feet with too few staff members present for such a busy site. We both smilled at her nice the gesture was. It's always nice to have customers like that and staff like that. It almost made up for the bad experience we were going to have next.

Any way, the marketing and media of KFC is great. However, the quality did not match the expectation induced by the marketing experience. Along with tge glake cones, I ordered two Streetwise value boxes only to discover that the contents were dry, hard and leathery. The chips remains uneaten, the chicken was rough and small (not what it looks like on the marketing) and the snack burger was the only item that was actually what it had claimed to be. The were no descriptions on the KFC shop menu, the window or anywhere at the Strand KFC. Just before finding the KFC website, there was no indication of what was really to be expected in the box.

A massive corporation with poor quality rates low on consumer engagement that satisfies. Rather than bother the friendly sales person that had initially made the sale, I believed that it was a KFC (Pty) Ltd brand special marketing, media, informations, communication and publishing concern that should be raised with the board.

All in all a disappointing meal with money not well spent on that particular day: a healing outing to the beach with my nephews and one of their friends.

Perhaps more staff, would show appreciation to the consumer and that KFC values them through providing service through well cared, managed and paid staff members that are able to explain the difference in quality from what is advertised and the quality that is their reality.

Nevertheless, thank you for the eye opening experience. We do better when we are valued and when we know better and can thus improve the quality and portion of the product rendered to all consumers who are undoubtedly many.

Regards to all
A guest consumer

KFC South Africa
KFC South Africa

Jan 22, 2017

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