KFC / restaurant dining room is a mess

United States

My family and i desided to go to your restaurant for our meal to find that the restaurant was discustingly messy there were only 2 tables that had not got empty food cartons, sauce pakets, bones, used serviettes, drink cups, to be honest it was discusting. i asked the girl who served me if she had noticed the mess on all the tables she replied i know. i asked if there were a manager there inwhich she went to the back to tell him, he came out to see the problem was to be fair he was a little bit shirty with saying that he was short staff and there wasnt anyone to do it and would sort it when someone is free.

At the end of the day no matter what excuse arrises the tables and benches tops should be clean for customers to come in and enjoy a meal there. the restaurant that this was is the KFC Great Bridge Retail Park, westmidlands. The time inwhich we were there ordering was 8.26pm i have kept my reciept incase you needed proof of me being there.


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