Kentucky Fried Chickenproduct/service

We were buying KFC from the Van der Hoff Road branch in Hercules, Pretoria on 23 December 2016. The personnel don't speak to you, highly unfriendly and the food wasn't up to standard and we waited 42 minutes for the food. Because we don't like to complain we just let it go. Then on 18 January 2017 we were on our way to a meeting and the children were hungry so we decided to give it another try at the same branch. Again the same experience
1. The staff member that helped us did not answer us when we ask her a question twice, while we were waiting 34 minutes to receive the food. Unfriendly as hell and just turn her back on us while speaking to her girl friend.
2. The chicken were old without any taste and no sauce on the burgers.
3. We haven't receive any chilli salt or servettes or tomato sauce.

And then our family started vomitting that evening of 18 January. We all ate the same burgers and because of that we are sick and can not stop vomitting.

I will never buy from KFC again.

Jan 18, 2017

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