Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / they would not give a family a cup of hot water to warm up an infants bottle

West Lebanon, NH, United States

A gentleman asked for a cup of hot water to immerse the babies bottle in to warm up the formula and the 2 guys at the counter were just ignoring him. The one guy at that counter could have defintly used some cleaning up. And when he went to go outside he shook his head at the guy whom had asked for the hot water. The gentleman finally asked a manager and he went and got him a cup of water and it was cold.. he said that's the hottest we have... Which got me to thinking Gross, No hot water how do they clean. so I finally got fed up and went into the rest room and got him hot water. So he could warm up the bottle of formula this happened approx 6:30 pm [protected] West Lebanon NH .. that establishment could use some SERIOUS HELP, from Manners to Personal Hygiene ..

Sep 19, 2017

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