Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]service at kfc (foothills mall dr. maryville, tn)

L Nov 26, 2017 Review updated:

Went thru the drive thru on 11/26/2017 in the evening and ordered a children's meal. Popcorn chicken, mash potatoes with gravy and a biscuit instead of the applesauce. Tommy, the shift manager refused to switch out the applesauce with a biscuit which I have done forever at which point I asked to speak with a manager and he said he was one (lied). He was actually a shift leader and new at that. The supervisor Shew sp? interrupted on the speaker to say she was a Manager and that they would not change out the items. They were extremely rude and unprofessional not to mention Tommy put just gravy in what was to be mask potato's out of spite. Didn't realize he'd done that until I returned home with my daughters meal so I then called and Shew hang up on me after I told her what had happened and that I had called the complaint line and they said it would be perfectly fine to switch out items. She wanted to argue and was very unprofessional and hung up. At that point I called back and Tommy answered. He asked what I needed and I said to speak with Shew because we must of been disconnected. He exclaimed she would not come to the phone and didn't want to speak with me and said he didn't either then hung up as well. This has to be the unprofessionally ran business establishment I have ever experience...ever. Horrible! Don't go there! New people who don't care and will probably spit in your food or worse. I will never go back...


  •   Nov 26, 2017

    As soon as they told you that they couldn't switch out items, you should have just drove off and went to another store to avoid all of that drama. You should have known from the start. I don't know why you spent money there. That's on you.

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