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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / manager and 2 cashiers

1 Stockton, AL, United States

On Dec 26 2017 at Around 6 pm
Myself and My Aunt went into the KFC on Willson way in Stockton CA. We ordered got our food and was getting ready to leave my aunt checked our food she was missing her Mac and Cheese she asked one of the employees for it the young Girls responds was you did not pay for it my aunt said yes I did tried to show her the receipt the young girl just walked away my aunt called out to the cashier and the cashier told the young girl she did pay my aunt at this time was a little upset we drove home started to get ready for dinner and our chicken was old and dried up so now my aunt was so upset after spending over 40+ $ we drove all the way back we got their all hell broke loose my Aunt was loud which I don't blame her you know but the cashier Manager and some other employees all ended up in an ugly verbal argument with my Aunt one of the employees looking like she was ready to hit a 62 yr. Old lady telling her I don't give a [censor] I don't like my [censor] job they could fire me you [censor] old [censor] the manager was not able to control her employees.

Dec 27, 2017

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