Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / chicken/manager

Kansas City, MO, United States

Went to get chicken after work had been craving KFC so Hubby took me to get some chicken on 09/19/20 place order get all the way home in rush hour to find not 8pcs but seven two biscuits not four, a crispy piece not at all what I ordered and then had to go back, Just for the manager to say we ran out of original and had the nerve to go through the box and count the chicken he go's get a piece of chicken and two biscuits put them in a small box and then says you can keep that other piece like he was giving me a bonus and his name is Brain Brown you know we told him what he do with that chicken in a nice way and that I would be call corporate which I, am and no one knew how much a pie cost that they sell and they won't 15.00 dollars a hour really.

Sep 19, 2017

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