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Just Answer / unauthorized credit card charges

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For those not familiar with this site, provides the user with access to professionals from doctors to lawyers to directly answer any and all questions you may have. For each question asked, if you like the response you receive, you are expected to pay one of three fees. If you didn't care for the answer or found it to be unhelpful, you're not required to pay. Additionally, before posting any questions, you're required to make an initial deposit via your credit card.

My trouble started after receiving my response from an expert. I had made a $15 deposit and had given the site my card number. After choosing to accept the response and pay for the advice I was given, I was directed to another screen that was not altogether clear in its directions, but seemed to be prompting me to verify how much I was willing to pay. In thinking this, I typed in $15, and, immediately feeling uneasy, checked my bank account online.

Apparently, this screen was prompting me to make an additional deposit so that I could ask further questions and, when I checked my account, I found that I had been charged an additional $15.Realizing the mistake, I immediately contacted customer service by sending one email to technical support and another one to a link which offered a 'good faith refund' on all deposits made. Neither email was responded to, and I simply went to bed that night expecting the situation would be resolved by morning. After all, the second charge had been incurred as a result of my misunderstanding one of the screens, so there was no reason to expect I would have any further problems.

When I woke up the next day, I checked my bank account to see if my $15 had been restored, and found instead that an additional $30 had been added to my account. I was forced to cancel my credit card and send for a new one to avoid any further charges, and, despite sending yet another email, I have heard nothing from the site. In the end my one question ended up costing me a whopping $60, and I'm very disappointed with the unresponsiveness ofcustomer service. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and would advise anyone who intends to do business with this site to really consider how much the answer to their question is worth to them.

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