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Jpmorgan Chase / harrassing phone calls and rude reps.

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my auto loan is 3 wks late due to hardships that everyone has experienced and now so more than ever with the resession. I started getting calls from Chase a day after the payment was due. I received over 10 calls automated daily since. I never called back right away, then i received a call at work for payment. The person that called me at work said that he worked for the recovery side of chase wanting to know detailed information on why i am late an behind etc. I told him when I would be able to pay, but the inpersonal questions kept coming and rude as ever. He said all I had to do was call him back in the first place and he would had made arragements because he see's I have been a good customer, and when I told him that every time in the past I would call back I would get the continued calls even after making arrangements. He said that I should not judge him due to the past experience with other customer service reps. Things got heated when I told him I would not post date a check, I explained to him it was because most of the time when that is done, the check gets cashed before the date arranged and causes all kinds of problems and extra fees with the bank. He said that is illegal and I should once again not judge. He told me if that was the case he was going to look at my payment history to see if that was the case. He said that I should not be making excuses. I told him he should not argue and talk to the customer like he is. His responce to me was - "you are not a customer when you are late!" wow did he get me upset.. then they wonder why we don't answer or call back... this is exactly why... why do we have to deal with a ego driven a-hole that is probably behind on his own bills and gets a kick out of making good people in bad situations and struggles feel worse.

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      17th of Aug, 2008
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    I have been a JP Morgan Chase Bank costumer for over eight years, with an impeccable record of balances and timely payments.

    There was a small balance ($ 107.45) that I never knew of, and was never notified of. Eventually Chase closed my account and sent the debt to Universal Fidelity, a collection agency. Because of this, my entire credit history and CREDIT RECORD GOT RUINED.

    The following is an explanation, step by step, of what happened:

    In May of 2007 I decided to go paperless, accepting Chase Manhattan Bank’s offer to view my statements online only. I stated checking my statements there and everything always seemed to be perfectly fine. Online, I could see my statements and activities for my checking and savings accounts, as well as for my credit card (there was absolutely nothing, no information, on my Overdraft Line of Credit)

    On January 18, 2008 I received a notice from my other credit card, American Express, saying that they were lowering my credit because they had received information from a credit report agency stating that I was delinquent. They did not specify the reasons.

    After requesting my credit History through Trans Union and Equifax I found out that my credit had been undermined by a long-standing debt with Chase Manhattan Bank’s Overdraft Line of Credit of which I had NEVER BEEN NOTIFIED. I REPEAT: by a long-standing debt with Chase Manhattan Bank’s Overdraft Line of Credit of which I had NEVER, EVER, BEEN NOTIFIED, I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    In February of 2oo8, as soon as I found out what the source of the problem was, I went my closest branch of Chase Manhattan Bank, at 2219 Broadway
    New York, NY 10024, talked to Alicia Sang, the branch manager. She tried to help by requesting to take the debt away from the hands of Universal Fidelity. She put a request to Chase Card Services and to Chase Online department on my behalf to have my situation investigated.

    Immediately after I started receiving calls and getting letters from Universal Fidelity, trying to collect their booty. However, Chase Card Services never contacted me.

    Seven months have passed and I still don’t have an answer from Chase Card Services or from Chase Online department.

    My request is:

    To be able to pay the debt that I have and would have been more than happy to pay as soon as it appeared, had I known about it.

    A rectification of my credit history sent from Chase Manhattan Bank to all credit reporting agencies.

    An explanation and apology from Chase Manhattan Bank as for why, your online services never showed the balances on the Overdraft Line of Credit and I never got any notice that I had a debt.

    As you can imagine, after being financially responsible working hard all my life to keep an impeccable credit record I would not want it ruined by such a ridiculously small and evitable debt.

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