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I wanted to provide my experience with one of your "managers". I normally do not provide negative feedback but this experience was very disappointing for a company like yours.

I went to 1102 Silber Rd, Houston, TX 77024 on 5/9/17 and arrived to the branch at approximately 5:30pm. The "manager", Ramiro Gonzales, asked me what I needed. I advised him that I wanted to discuss potentially closing an account. He stated that there were a total of 3 people in front of me and suggested that I drive to another location. I found this to be his first response but he then told me that it would take him 1.5 hours with the 3 customers. I advised him that the other location was completely out of my way and I could wait. I signed in at 5:30pm.

A gentleman had allowed 2 customer to go in front of him and Mr. Gonzales was done with those 2 customers within about 10 minutes. Mr. Gonzales approached me at approximately 5:40pm and stated that if the gentleman allowed me to go first then he could help me. I had overheard that the gentleman needed an account closed and having closed accounts before, it would not take more than 15-20 minutes to do. I advised him that the gentleman was there before me and he should go first. I also advised him that I could wait to get assistance.

Mr. Gonzalez stated that it would take him about 45 minutes assist the gentleman so he could not help me. He also said that he could not stay over the closing time of 6pm to assist me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, AKI asked him if there was someone else that could help me and he said no, although I heard several voices in the back of this location.
I asked to speak to the manager and he said that he was the manager. I told him that I had been waiting and willing to wait but he said "Regardless, I can't help you. I already gave you your options earlier." He basically told to leave at 5:45pm from the location. I advised him that I would file a complaint on his total disregard of customer service. He just nodded his head like in disbelief and his body language was go ahead, nothing is going to happen anyway. There was a security officer that witnessed the interaction.
When I arrived home, after not getting the service I was looking for, I looked up the reviews for this location. There were bad reviews that stated, "I blame the lazy manager. He doesn't care if there is a line at the window he will just sit at his desk and stare at you.", "Go somewhere else. Very lazy manager. Long lines. People in cubes just sit there. Embarrassing for chase.", and "Always too many people in line, not enough clerks."
My experience and all these comments are a very clear indication of the lack of oversight and blatant disregard for customer need and customer service. I have already spoken to several family and friends regarding this and they will be moving their business to another bank. The word of mouth is very important and Mr. Gonzales has displayed a selfish and lazy perspective as to customer service and leave until the last customer is helped.
I hope this feedback is taken seriously and Mr. Gonzales is made aware of his deficiencies before his actions create an major issue for Chase.

May 10, 2017

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