Jet Airways / overcharged bagged

I was traveling on 15th January with 3 other persons - (4 including myself) we had booked the VIP service as we had 55 bags to check in.

I had asked several times at the check in desk how much it would approximately cost for access baggage, We had already added extra baggage on the tickets.

We ended up paying around 30, 000 Great British Pounds and I am just wanting a breakdown of this as to why it costs so much - We did the same in London to Dehli and it costs only 10, 000 Great British Pounds.

The name of all the luggage was in Dennis Bamford's name.

The flight was on 15 January flight 76 departed 02.05 BOM to Hong Kong

Unfortunately they had to use several cards as it was a lot of money, please can you check your system and
get back to me as to how it came to this amount of money.

if I can have a contact of your president - please send this to me.

Jan 31, 2019

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