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Jet Airways
Thursday 19th October 2017
Flight: 9W 117 @ 9.20pm
The customer service on this flight was diabolical. My family and I booked flight 9W 117 from Heathrow on Thursday to arrive in India to celebrate Diwali on Friday (to show our daughter) how Diwali is celebrated in India. However due to the lack of Jet Airways Customer Service we lost a WHOLE day of our week-long trip. We had to cancel our transport in Mumbai till further notice until we could confirm when the flight was going out from London. This put pressure on us as we couldn't guarantee our journey from Mumbai.
Thursday evening we were waiting for the Boarding Gate to appear on the screen when it did it was gate no. 23 we walked at 15 - 20 mins to get to the gate, we all sat there waiting for further instructions for approx. 30 mins only to be told to go back to the main departure lounge as the plane is not departing from gate no. 23!
We then waited in the main lounge for another Gate no. and departure screen kept changing and delaying the flight we all knew something is seriously wrong with the flight, but nobody could give; us the passengers a clear response as to WHY. Finally, the gate was showing 6, again we all walked towards the gate rushing to board the plane, however, the plane was now delayed till 10.30pm due to ‘Technical Issues' and the next update would be at 11 pm. At 10.50pm we were informed the flight was ‘CANCELLED' can you imagine what everyone was feeling at this time??? We were all very tired, cranky and very very hungry! We were only offered a small glass of water! And now the airline & Heathrow staff was organising putting everyone in a hotel overnight with no knowledge of when we were going to fly out.
We were informed there will be coaches outside to take us to the hotel, however, when we reached outside not only was there a huge queue, there was also only ONE coach which was already FULL. There wasn't another coach in sight. It was cold and raining and the staff didn't have a clue what was going on and couldn't answer any of our questions.
My family then went back inside for help/advice. We managed to grab a member of staff who led us to Premier Inn in Terminal 4, we then had to walk a good 10 mins to get to the reception (now at this point we are all very restless and tired and a supposedly a 10min walk felt like a very very long time. We were booked in; the time was 12.15am having entered the airport at 6 pm. My husband and I and our daughter had gone to school and work, therefore the day was extra-long with these delays. We received a text from Jet Airways the flight was rescheduled for 2 pm the following day.
So arrived at the airport and…..guess what….. the flight was delayed till 3 pm! Everyone was boarded by 2.30pm. Some passengers had connecting flights and were contemplating whether they should continue with this flight; this, in turn, delayed the plane further with passengers getting off the plane. The temperature in the plane was stifling hot, there was no air, no air at all. The only update we were told off was that the plane is ready to go, nothing about the delays, it's only when we asked a crew member what the delay was they finally told us that some passengers are being convinced by the captain to stay on this flight and not to get off. The persuasion didn't work and they got off, therefore their luggage also had to be removed. The plane finally took off at 4.45pm!
I don't understand if the airline knew the evening flight wasn't going to take off at all, why wasn't the organisation of all the passengers to be put into the hotels done earlier? And should it be allowed that passengers can get off as soon as they get on the plane, should this be allowed as this also caused the DELAY of the flight.
It was a complete shambles from the moment the flight started to be delayed.
On the way back the service wasn't all that better; 27th October we left on time at 1.45am. During the flight, the attendants/crew were carrying 5 x trays of food stacked one on top of another and telling the passengers to take ‘whichever tray they wish' whether it be vegetarian or not. Approx. an hour before landing I got up to use the bathroom, there was a queue and then I was told to sit down as we were landing. When we landed the crew told us it was 6.55am, in fact, the time was 7.30, and the plane had been circling to land! Why couldn't a quick update be given to the passengers? Explaining what is delaying the landing???????
Jet Airways has lost 3 customers due to this lack of customer service, due to the lack of any concern for the passengers, due to the lack of communication. We will NEVER fly with Jet Airways again!

We want our Full Refund on this flight including the money paid for seats, return journey.

Nov 02, 2017

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