Jet Airwaysconnecting flight mismanagement

This is a very interesting case... I have a flight from guwahati to pune... Pnr qnfwvy... Flight at guwahati was on time and we boarded on time... But then flight didn't took off... When waiting for almost 45 min I asked crew they told me they are waiting for people from some connecting flight... Then captain made announcement that since people have to go home we are waiting for them and kindly support us... I told crew I have connecting flight they said they will wait in delhi for you... When I landed in delhi at 9:10 pm they said. Very proudly jet airways flight from del to pune was on time sir... Now I am stuck here and have been given a option of 3am flight to go home... My queries
Are those 18 people have to go home and I don't ?
Why one airline has different rule for customers... ?
Ground staff in delhi is unaware of reason and still when I am writing this is not aware of the reason and saying yes it's jet fault we understand but can't do much ?
Why do I need to spend whole night at airport... ?
Now next part is attitude... While de boarding the flight same crew who was telling us the flight will wait says go straight and u will find domestic transfer ?
People here ground staff says one crew was sick that's why delay... After 15 mins pass3nger was sick that's why... After 10 mins captain needs to be changed that's why... Then finally one official came up and said sir what ever happened has happened... Take next flight and do write to us we will investigate... As if I didn't know that I live in india

I am a silver card holder but after today's incidence I will make sure either I take train or any other flight but not jet and will post the pic of destroyed card once I am home... Because that is what it deserves... Sheer carelessness and I don't care attitude... I feel sad for you guys... I know I can't do much but will make sure not even a single penny comes to jet feom me after this experience

Jan 08, 2017

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